Rules & Regulations
Ph. D. Thesis
All theses presented in typescript for the degree of Ph.D should comply with the following specifications unless permission to do otherwise is obtained from the relevant authority/ body
Size of paper
A4. size be used, no restriction is placed on drawings and maps
Paper Specification
Six copies on good quality paper (minimum 80 g) be submitted.
Method of Production
The text must be typewritten in acceptable typeface and the original typescript (or copy of equal quality) must normally be submitted as the first copy. The second and subsequent copies may be produced by means of other acceptable copying methods.  
Layout of Script
As per the selected research manual / styles (Harvard/APA/MLA), Typescript should appear on one side only, lines at least one-and-a-half spaced. Footnotes, quotations, references and photographic captions may be single-spaced. Where appropriate, these should contain lists giving the locations of figures and illustrations.
Font Size
Title Page 18 - 22
Headings / subheadings 14 - 20
Text 10 - 12
Footnotes 8 - 10
Footnotes be given on the same page where reference is quoted
Type Style
Time New Roman / Arial / Courier New
At least 1 ¼ - 1 ½ inches (3.17-3.81 cm) on the left-hand side, 3 /4 -1 inch (2-2.54 cm) at the top and bottom of the page, and about ½ -0.75 inches (1.27- 1.90 cm) at the outer edge. The best position for the page number is at top-right ½ inch (1.27 cm) below the edge. Page containing figures and illustration should also be suitably paginated.
Following is the preferable layout of the thesis
Title Page
Abstract / Summary
Abbreviations not described in the text
List of Tables (where applicable)
List of Figures (where applicable)
Introduction (including literature review) or
Review of Literature
As separate chapters as per requisite of the subject
Research Design / Material / Methods 
Findings and Discussion
  May comprise of one chapter or a number of chapters depending upon the Subject matter / requirements
Conclusion/s, Recommendation/s where applicable
Reference of the Literature Cited
Appendices (where applicable)
Any other information specific to the respective discipline
Title Page
All theses must contain a title page giving the title of the thesis, the author's name, the name of the degree for which it is presented, the department in which the author has worked or the Faculty of which the work is being presented, and the month and year of submission.
Length of Thesis
Whilst the regulations do not contain a clause relating to the maximum length of theses, it is expected that work presented for the degree of Ph.D should normally between 40,000 - 120,000 words of text. Candidates wishing to greatly exceed theses sizes should discuss the matter with their supervisors/DPC.
Published work
Published work from the theses be included as appendix (Reprints/ proof / preprint.)
All final theses and published work presented for higher degrees initially in a temporary form (spiral/tape) binding will be provided after defense of the thesis form approved by the Advanced Studies and Research Board; where printed pamphlets or off-prints are submitted in support of a thesis, they must be bound in with the thesis, or bound in such a manner as Binderies may advise. Front cover should give title of the thesis, name of the candidate and the name of the Departments / Centres / Institutes / Colleges / School through which submitted, in the same order from top to bottom. The lettering may be in boldface and properly spaced. Their sizes should be: title 24 pt. name of the department/ institute/ centre/ college 18 pt. The colour of binding for different degrees in the Science subjects and in Social Sciences is as follows:
Science Subjects
Social Sciences/ Humanities/ Oriental Learnings
Dark Maroon/
Dark Gray
Light Maroon/
Metalic Grey
Dark Green/
Light Green/
Spine of the thesis should show "Ph.D. thesis" on top across the width of spine, name of the candidate in the middle along the length of spine, and the year of submission across the width at the bottom. Lettering on spine should be in 18 pt. and may be in boldface.

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