Directorate of Students Affairs competence to deal with students

Directorate of Students Affairs has the competence to design and implement programs professionally in such a way which reflects its core values. Students Affairs professional understands the complex and multidimensional role to create a bridge between academia and services. The main core competencies which the Directorate of Students Affairs follows are :

Working with Diverse student Population

In Punjab University students come from different diverse backgrounds like different educational, socioeconomic status, socio-cultural, racial, religion and regional setups. Student Affairs professionals are well aware how to encounter the disparity professionally through a fine tuned sophisticated way. Our team helps the diverse range of students through wide ranged multicultural competencies..


Community Building, Commitment and Development

Building a sense of community between students is complex but has many advantages. Such benefits include creating a welcoming space for difficult discussions and student learning outside the classroom at one platform. Student Affairs professional encourages the students to work along with each other like one community. Different events and programs organized by the Directorate encourage the students from diverse backgrounds to work under one umbrella with respect and harmony. It also inculcates in them the sense of commitment and self-development. Healthy activities shape up discipline and commitment and reduce vandalism..


Conflict Resolution

Directorate of Students Affairs also manages conflict raised by students at times on campus premises by involvement of different parties. It is the one of the responsibility of the Directorate to regulate a disciplined and safe campus environment. Open dialog, sharing of information, patience, and the exercise of fairness and good judgment are essentials for effective conflict resolution skills which are incorporated by the student affairs.


Counseling & Guidance

Student Counseling Services are also provided by the Directorate of Students Affairs to address the emotional and mental wellbeing of the students. Trained counselor is part of Student Affairs professionals who works to solve the mental health problems of the students. through counseling and guidance.



Directorate of Students Affairs along with the support of Heads of all Departments and Student Advisors help students, from residential life and financial aid to career services and health services. Student Affairs team collaboratively work with other relevant stakeholders of the university and effectively manage and address the students queries and concerns.



Directorate of Students Affairs works professionally and take quick and effective decisions for the benefit of the students. Leadership is one of the core competencies of the Directorate as it has to deal with students affairs keeping in view the emerging demands to compete with the world outsideand in students building a sense of community which work collectively within the campus premises.



Directorates of Students Affairs instill in students the skill of citizenship by practicing and teaching effective ways of living in a society collectively.Different programs and competitions are arranged in this regard to promote a culture and knowledge of good citizenship.


Directorate of Students Affairs focuses to assess the increasing demands of the campus like justifying costs, services and programs; guiding policy and staffing decisions; and improving the quality of student services, programs, and learning outcomes.