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University of the Punjab

Prof. Dr. Abdul Hafeez

Professor (Contract)
Prof. Dr. Abdul Hafeez

Professor Dr. Abdul Hafeez Fâzli, Ex-Professor and Chairman Department of Philosophy is presently working as Professor On Contract in the department. He has taught different courses on Greek, Western and Muslim philosophy, however Muslim thought has developed as his area of special interest. He is author of many research articles published in national and international journals. He believes that the Qur'an, being al-Haqq is the standard of truth with reference to any area of Muslim thought. So an idea, ideology, term, concept, imagination, unveiling, vision, tradition, doctrine, philosophy or paradigm which does not cohere to its teachings cannot be appropriate. In his articles he traces the origin of most of the problems of Muslim theology, philosophy and spirituality in the acceptance of un-Qur'anic terms, logical or ontological ideas BY Muslims and reconstructs these problems in Qur'anic notions. His writings depict an original and creative approach. His book The Qur’anic Theology, Philosophy and Spirituality published by the Department of Philosophy in 2016 contains seventeen of his research articles. He is especially interested in problems relating freewill and predestination and argues that Qur'anic teachings ensure man's freewill. Science and Philosophy of any era is considered to be standard of rationality of that very era. In his article “Evolving a Qur’anic Paradigm of Science and Philosophy: Ibn Sina, Sir Seyyed Ahmed Khan, Dr. Muhammad Iqbal and Dr. Israr Ahmed” included in this very book, he formulates a Qur’anic paradigm for relating science and philosophy of any era with the Qur’anic teachings. His book containing articles written in Urdu is under preparation.

Designation:- Professor (Contract)