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University of the Punjab

Mr. Muhammad Shahid

Research officer cum Lecturer
Mr. Muhammad Shahid

I have started my career as a “Chemist” in Pacific pharmaceutical industry, Lahore-Pakistan from 2005 when I just completed my M.Sc in Chemistry from GC, University-Lahore. After that in year 2006 I joined National Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology (CEMB), University of the Punjab as “Research Officer” in Division of Molecular Virology and Infectious Diseases (Diagnostic lab.). Here I worked on commercial and Prime Minister Program for Hepatitis Prevention and Control in Pakistan for PCR based detection, Quantification and Genotyping of Hepatitis B and C.
In 2010 I have promoted as “Research Officer cum Lecturer” and in Division of Molecular Virology and Infectious Diseases Research section, I have learned many Molecular related techniques Nested and Real Time PCR, ELISA, Gel Electrophoresis, Molecular cloning, Sequencing, SDS-PAGE , Western Blotting and Cell Culturing etc during working on different projects like Establishment of stable cell lines of structural and non structural genes of Hepatitis C Virus Genotype 3a and Genotype based co-relation of Hepatitis Delta virus with Hepatitis B virus. In year 2011, when Punjab was hit with a major outbreak of Dengue Virus, I have Worked on detection and serotyping of Dengue samples received from Different districts of Punjab from 2011 to 2014 and also published the date in National and International journals.
During year 2010-2012 I have completed my M.Phil in Molecular biology from Punjab University-Lahore and then enrolled in PhD program in Molecular Biology in 2012. I have research skills on Gene Expression profiling in Hepatitis C Virus infection and analysis of different genes related Liver Disease by Pathway analysis tools.
I have been awarded by International Research Support Initiative Program Fellowships(HEC) for PhD Scholars by Government of Pakistan . I was also awarded by performance Evaluation Award (2015 ,2016) by University of the Punjab Lahore. I am a member of Molecular Medicine (Mol Med) Erasmus MC Rotterdam Netherlands , Old Ravian Union GC University Lahore.

Designation:- Research officer cum Lecturer