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University of the Punjab

Dr. Muhammad Zafar Saleem

Assistant Professor
Dr. Muhammad Zafar Saleem

Dr. Muhammad Zafar Saleem, (Assistant Professor) is leading the Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology group. In 1995, he joined the twin center CAMB and CEMB after M.Sc Botany. Now he is M.Phil in Molecular Biology and doing Ph.D in Plant Molecular Biology at CAMB. Start of his job as ARO at the Bt. Molecular and Plant Molecular Biology group. During his job at CEMB and CAMB, he had worked on R&D in different Molecular Research groups at twin centers. He has wonderful command on Molecular Biological and Biotechnological techniques like, Gene cloning and expression from Prokaryote to Eukaryote e.g. Plant, Cell lines, yeast and Bacteria. Molecular skills like, Plasmid construction for expression in plants, Cell lines, Yeast and E.coli. Production of Transgenic plants and their Molecular screening, Production of recombinant antigen and antibodies along with Production of Restriction Enzymes and Taq DNA polymerase. Recently working on Plant DNA barcoding of Angiosperm, Algae and Fungi.

Designation:- Assistant Professor