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University of the Punjab

Mr. Muhammad Usman Ghani

Research Officer (On Study Leave)
Mr. Muhammad Usman Ghani

Mr. Muhammad Usman Ghani, after completing his M.Sc Chemistry (2007) from University of the Punjab Lahore, started his career as “Research Officer” in DNA Core Facility Lab-CAMB in April, 2008. He was trained on ABI-3900 DNA synthesizer and DNA genetic analyzers (sequencers) for DNA Oligonucleotides (Primers) synthesis, Fragment analysis, DNA Sequencing Analysis and various other techniques related to them.
Beside his professional services, he completed his M.Phil Molecular Biolody (2014) from University of Lahore and now enrolled in Ph.D Molecular Biology and Forensic studies program (2015-19) of CAMB. During his services at CAMB, he was actively involved in basic molecular biology research related to Genetic Diseases and Therapeutic Proteins. From April-2008, he has indirectly contributed in almost all research projects of CAMB/CEMB by providing services of DNA Oligonucleotides(Primer) synthesis, DNA Fragment analysis and Sequencing.

Some Prominent Services in CAMB:
Provided DNA genotyping services to Forensic Services Lab-CAMB to solve more than 100 cases.
Analyzed thousands of commercial DNA Sequencing/Genotyping samples provided by the researchers of national academic/research institutes.
Facilitated more than 100 M.Phil/Ph.D scholars of CEMB/CAMB in DNA samples analysis.
Published eight research papers in IF/HEC approved journals.
He has identified several “genomic variants” associated with asthma patients of Pakistan and actively working on to study genomic variants involved in complex inherited disorders of Lungs. His research interests are:
DNA Sequencing/Genotyping based medical genomics and molecular genetics studies.
Molecular Diagnosis of infectious and inherited diseases.
Epigenetics and epidemiological studies of common diseases.

Designation:- Research Officer (On Study Leave)