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University of the Punjab

Dr. Rabia Ghaffar

Assistant Professor
Dr. Rabia Ghaffar

Dr. Rabia is an appointee at the Department of Botany as Assistant Professor of Plant Sciences. At present, her primary area of teaching is Plant Anatomy and its allied Laboratory Techniques. Dr. Rabia holds a doctorate degree in Plant Cell Imaging and Ultrastructure Research from the University of Vienna, Austria (2015). She has joined the Department of Botany at PU in Dec, 2015. Her area of specialization is Correlative microscopy that includes the examination of living as well as fixed plant samples to study the various physiological and morphological characters of the organelles, cells or tissues. She has her hands-on training in advanced video, light and electron microscopy combined with atomic element analysis, as well as means for documentation of biological topics by photography and scientific videography. She has assisted teaching courses at the University of Vienna regarding ecology and physiology of cells and organisms from heavy metal sites and their bio-remediation.
Her specific area of research during doctorate was “ Chloroplasts adapted to shade: Correlative microscopy of exceptionally specialized plastids in Selaginella erythropus”. Her work used a multidisciplinary approach to investigate the novel chloroplasts ‘bizonoplasts’ discovered in the shade adapted species of S. erythropus. This analysis lead to understand the morphological and anatomical varistions in the bizonoplasts under variable conditions of light and shade and added new scientific aspects to the existing knowledge. It also established 3D volume analysis of the bizonoplasts reflecting the extent of changes in their size and dimensions.

Designation:- Assistant Professor