Estb. 1882

University of the Punjab

Prof. Dr. Tahira Basharat

Prof. Dr. Tahira Basharat

Dean and Professor, Institute of Islamic Studies is an accomplished academician who has a vast experience of 33 years of teaching in her mother institute. She was the first female scholar to attain a doctorate degree in Islamic Studies from Pakistan. She completed her PhD from University of the Punjab in 1987. She has a specialization in study of World Religions. Her Post Doctorate is from Catholic University, Washington D.C. She went on a sabbatical program awarded by HEC at McGill University, Canada where she undertook a research project on World Religions and is an approved member of Center for Research of Religions. She has also worked as a visiting scholar in Center for Buddhist Studies, Kathmandu University, Jamia Millia, Dehli and Aligarh University, Aligarh during her research endeavors. Moreover, she has been awarded Punjab University’s Best Teacher Award thrice. Furthermore, she initiated and conducted various international workshops, conferences, seminars on multidisciplinary issues and has led sessions and presented papers at numerous national and international conferences. Under her deanship, 4 new programs were started and last but not the least the department got upgraded to institute recently.

Dean’s Message
My faculty takes pride in being one of the oldest academic institute with three departments; Institute of Islamic Studies, Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center and Department of Urdu Encyclopedia of Islam rendering multidisciplinary Islamic education and research. As a public institution, we have an obligation to serve our community and do our part to make the world a better place. Our proud heritage includes thousands of our graduates who have given back in amazingly generous ways, working as leaders and volunteers and putting forward a positive image of Islam. The programs and courses being offered are diverse that not only give in depth and core knowledge of Islamic Sciences such as Quran, Al-hadith, Al-Fiqh, Islamic History, Islamic thought, Sirah, Islamic Culture and Islamic Civilization but also World Religions and a comprehensive program on Study of Religions. We encourage and welcome competent students willing to learn and grow become a part of our close knit community. It is my utmost wish that our program reaches such heights of success that we are able to collaborate with esteemed world religion departments all over the world.

Designation:- Professor