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Prof. Dr. Abdul Qayyum Chaudhry

Chairman / Professor
Prof. Dr. Abdul Qayyum Chaudhry
The department of elementary and early childhood education is one of the most important departments which provide the foundation for the development of school education in the country. The current federal and provincial governments have emphasized the importance of elementary and early childhood education. The recent draft of education policy 2018/19 speaks as “ the first and foremost education challenge that Pakistan faces is addressing out of school children (OOSC) and ensuring that enrolled children complete their education”. These two areas are the priority areas in this current draft of education policy 2018/19.
The department of elementary education is providing teachers, researchers, teacher trainers, educational administrators, and academic leaders not only in the country but also in the world. The department was established in 1960 in collaboration with Indiana State University, United States of America. It is still the largest and oldest department in the country. It is providing professional assistance to the provincial and federal governments at all levels. The female enrolment percentage in the department is 95% in graduate and undergraduate programs. The department is running two journals; one is journal of elementary education and other is journal of early childhood education. We believe in quality of education at elementary and early childhood education level. The recent development in collaboration with university of oxford, UK; Madina University, Quala lampur, Malaysia and some other high ranked universities of the world shows that department intends to provide professional leaders in this global competitive world. We believe in women empowerment through education and the department declared the 2019 the year of women empowerment through education in Pakistan. The department of elementary education is dominated with female faculty and students. We have 80 visiting and permanent teachers with more than fifty percent teachers having PhD degrees which are the highest number in any department of elementary education with PhD faculty in the country. The curriculum has been revised in light of global context. The course packs has been prepared to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the department.
Designation:- Chairman / Professor