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Physics (w.e.f Academic Session 2020)

BS (4 Years) Physics
BS (4 Years) Physics
BS (4 Years) Physics
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
English-I (Reading and Writing Skills) Gen-1001 2021
Pakistan Studies Gen-1002 2021
Islamic Studies/Ethics Gen-1003 2021
Calculus-I Math-1001 2021
Mechanics Phys-1001 2021
Waves and Optics Phys-1002 2021
Physics Lab-I Phys-1601L  
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
English-II (Composition Writing) Gen-1004  
Calculus-II Math-1002  
Thermal Physics Phys-1003  
Electricity and Magnetism Phys-1004  
Physics Lab-II Phys-1602L  
Probability and Statistics Math-1003  
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Natural Science (Chemistry/Biology) Gen-2003/Gen-2004  
Quantum Physics Phys-2001  
Differential Equations Math-2003 2021
Analytical Geometry Math-2004 2021
Introduction to Computing Gen-2005 2021
Physics Lab-III Phys-2603L  
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Modern Physics Phys-2002  
Basic Electronics Phys-2003  
Physics Lab-IV Phys-2604L  
Linear Algebra Math-2005  
Humanities / Social Science Gen 2006/Gen 2007  
Applied Mathematics Math-2006  
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Classical Mechanics Phys-3101  
Mathematical Methods of Physics-I Phys-3501  
Solid State Physics-I Phys-3401  
Electronics-I Phys-3701  
Physics Lab-V Phys-3605L  
Computational Physics-I Phys-3502  
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Mathematical Methods of Physics-II Phys-3503  
Solid State Physics-II Phys-3402  
Quantum Mechanics-I Phys-3301  
Computational Physics-II Phys-3504  
Electronics-II Phys-3702  
Physics Lab-VI Phys-3606L  
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Quantum Mechanics-II Phys-4302  
Statistical Physics Phys-4303  
Classical Electrodynamics-I Phys-4201  
Nuclear Physics-I Phys-4303  
Elective-I Phys-xxxx  
Elective-II Phys-xxxx  
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Solid State Physics-III Phys-4404  
Classical Electrodynamics-II Phys-4202  
Nuclear Physics-II Phys-4304  
Relativity and Cosmology Phys-4102  
Elective-III Phys-xxxx  
Elective-IV Phys-xxxx  
List of Elective Courses
Elective courses will be offered from the following list by the Department of Physics in view of avaialability of instructors and related resources. More titles in the list of elective courses can be added from time to time subject to the approval by relevant academic bodies.
Course Title Course Code Past Paper
Introductory Particle Physics Phys-4305  
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics Phys-4306  
Topics in Solid State Physics Phys-4405  
Advanced Solid State Physics Phys-4406  
Quantum Information Theory Phys-4308  
Introduction to Photonics Phys-4703  
Quntum Solid State Magnetism Phys-4309  
Quantum Electronics Phys-4310  
Astrophysics Phys-4103  
Medical Physics Phys-4607  

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