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Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics is one of the oldest departments of the University of the Punjab. It was established in 1880s and has produced many brilliant graduates, some of whom have acquired eminence in Mathematics and allied fields like Mathematical and Theoretical Physics. For many years teaching in this department was conducted on inter-Collegiate basis whereby teachers from local colleges like Government College, F.C. College, Dyal Singh College, Islamia College Civil Lines and M.A.O. College, Lahore used to come and take the M.Sc. classes in the University premises. In 1956, the University took the important step of building up the department as an independent institution, two whole time teachers: one reader and one senior lecturer were appointed.
Since then the department has been growing in strength. Presently department conducts BS (4 years), M.Sc. (Morning/ Evening), M.S./ M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes.

Chairman's Message
We are proud of the fact that the Department of Mathematics, one of the oldest Departments of the University of the Punjab, continues to impart quality education to deserving persons from all areas of Pakistan. The development of science requires mathematical knowledge. Mathematics is a basic science which can be applied to various social sciences. Hence, Mathematics is a discipline supporting other disciplines by providing theoretical knowledge and techniques. The Department of Mathematics has its educational goal of producing mathematicians who can contribute to the need of society.
Mathematics have become an integral part of modern research in all disciplines, and advanced technology in industry, government. The students who want to study more about Mathematics are encouraged. Our department plays a key role in undergraduate and post graduate teaching mission of the University. At the research level, we focus on different areas of Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Computational Mathematics.
I welcome the new entrants to this old seat of learning and hope that they will have a comfortable stay in the Department. I am sure that they will make every effort to benefit from the excellent Faculty and adequate facilities of the University. May God bless them with more knowledge and success in their life!

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Two Days Workshop on MATLAB
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