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Confucius Institute

Confucius (571 BC-474 BC) was a great Chinese teacher and philosopher. He always promoted peace, brotherhood, and integration among people. Humanity has been above everything according to the teachings of Confucius. Confucius Institute is an institute that believes in global Confucius society and pursuing the goal with cultural exchange programs, Mandarin learning and teachings in the different parts of the world. It is also making research for the Chinese political and economic development under CI.
Dr. Rana Eijaz Ahmad has PhD in international relations; his dissertation was a comparative study on political economy of China and India. It revolves around the concept, that ‘it is not the form of governments but system capabilities that make a difference in the socio-political economy of the countries.’ His proposal is a comparative analysis of Chinese and Indian political economies in the age of globalization that measures the impact of globalization upon the two economies in the twenty first century. Dr. Ahmad’s argument is a great contribution in the domain of social sciences and political economy that challenges the Barrington J. Moore’s theory of development in a very innovative way.
Dr. Ahmad has been appointed the director of the Confucius Institute owing to his dynamic personality and innovative mind. He has more than 35 national and international HEC recognized publications along with five research projects. He has a book after his name, Globalization and Its Impact on Pakistan. He has been teaching for last 23 years in public institutions. He is also Goethe Institute Germany certified film director and writer.