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(Volume 28, No. 1, 2018)
Effect of a Primary Prevention Intervention on Resilience of Elementary-Aged Students
by Darson Rhodes*, Karl Larson**and Patrick Herbert***

School-Parents Communication as Determinant of School Selection in Context of Declining Enrollments in Government Elementary Schools
by Syed Nasir Hussain*, Asia Zulfqar** and Abdul Hameed***

Creating Culturally Responsive Inclusive Classrooms at Primary School Level: Prospects and Strategies
by Muhammad Shahid Farooq* and Iqra Bukhari**

Textbook Analysis of Islamic Studies of for Civic Sense at Elementary Level
by Mahek Arshad* and Shazia Zamir**

Social and Moral Development of Students: A Comparative Study on Montessori and Non-Montessori Students
by Sohail Ahmad*, and Amjad Reba**

A Study on Public Sector Elementary School Teachers’ Subject Matter Knowledge Competence in English
by Nisar Abid*, Tariq Hussain** and Aroona Hashmi**

Effectiveness of Science Inquiry with Six Major Instructional Tools for Diverse Learners of Middle Level in Public Schools
by Ahmed Sher Awan* and Um-ul-Huda**
Teachers and Parents’ Perceptions about Learning Abilities and Skills among Children at Montessori Classes
by M. Imran Yousuf*, and Muhammad Imran**

Comparative Study of Availability and Quality of Physical Facilities in Public and Private Schools in the Punjab
by Muhammad Naeem Awan*

Perceptions of University Teachers about Integrated Assessment Approaches towards Learners’ Holistic Development
by Sadruddin Bahadur Qutoshi*, Muhammad Ramzan**and Javed Iqbal*

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