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Vol. 52 (4) (2020)
Nonlinear DSEK Model: A Novel Mathematical Model that Predicts Stability in Ocular Parameters after Descemet’s Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasty
by M. Khalid & Fareeha Sami Khan
Pythagorean Fuzzy Multisets and their Applications to Therapeutic Analysis and Pattern Recognition
by Muhammad Riaz, Khalid Naeem, Xindong Peng & Deeba Afzal
nIαg-closed sets and Normality via nIαg-closed sets in Nano Ideal Topological Spaces
by M.Parimala, D.Arivuoli & R. Udhayakumar
by Aneela Nadir & Adnan Khan
Mathematical study to demonstrate the utilization of TOPSIS to find the maximum possibility of HCV causes
by Rabia Nasar, Adina Asim & Tabasam Rashid
Grothendieck’s Quot Scheme and Moduli of Quotient Sheaves
by Hafiz Syed Husain & Mariam Sultana
Upper Bounds of Zagreb Connection Indices of Tensor and Strong Product on Graphs
by Usman Ali & M. Javaid
Micropolar Fluid Flow with Heat Generation through a Porous Medium
by Sohail Ahmad, Muhammad Ashraf & Kashif Ali
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