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PU awards five PhD degrees
PU awards five PhD degrees

LAHORE: (Monday, December 30, 2019): Punjab University has awarded five PhD degrees to the scholars in which Sadia Chumun D/o Arif Hussain in the subject of Pharmacy (Pharmacognosy) after approval of her thesis entitled ‘Pharmacognostic, Phytochemical and Biological Investigation of Euphorbia Milii Var. Splendens’, Ibrahim Bala Salisu S/o Bala Salisu in the subject of Molecular Biology after approval of his thesis entitled ‘Nutritional Assessment of Recombinant Plant DNA and Transgenically Expressed Proteins on Different Biological Functions of Albino Rabbits’, Aneela Amin D/o Muhammad Amin Hashmi in the subject of High Energy Physics after approval of her thesis, Ruqia Kalsoom D/o Gulam Husain in the subject of Pakistan Studies after approval of her thesis entitled ‘The Issue of National Integration in Pakistan: Challenges and Response (1977-2008)’ and Sehar Rashid D/o Abdul Rashid in the subject of Education after approval of her thesis entitled ‘Effect of Peer Assessment on Motivation to Learn, Learning and Problem Solving Skills of Prospective Teachers’.