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PU faculty member honored
PU faculty member honored

LAHORE: (Monday, February 10, 2020): Punjab University College of Pharmacy’s Assistant Professor Dr Abrar Ahmed has been blessed with Johan Gadolin Research Award 2019 from Centre of Excellence, Abo Akademi University of Finland. This research scholarship award has provided him a postdoctoral opportunity to visit the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry to pursue the proposed project entitled "Stilbenoids as lead compounds for inhibition of TRPA1 mediated pain and inflammation — a natural product inspired structure based drug design study" under the direct supervision of Professor Reko Leino in collaboration with Dr. Patrik Christopher Eklund, Adjunct Prof., Docent. Johan Gadolin Scholarship Award will serve the funding of 12,000 EUR for the period of six months. Under this scholarship, fellows participate in ongoing research projects and benefit from an innovative top-level research environment at Centre of Excellence. This scholarship will make a significant advancement in the postdoctoral scientific career of Dr Abrar Ahmad and cooperation with Punjab University.