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PU Library Book Club Talks - August 2022
PU Library Book Club Talks - August 2022

LAHORE: (Friday, August 26, 2022): Punjab University Library Book Club has arranged a book talk program. The two books of the month were “Karorh Paka ki Neleema” by Muhammad Iqbal Diwan and “Climate Change” by Mike Hulme. Principal College of Earth and Environmental Sciences Prof Dr Sajid Rashid Ahmed presented the talk on the book of Mike Hulme. He explained the impact of climate change on the world’s politics, sociology and economy. The introduction to the Urdu novel of Muhammad Iqbal Diwan was presented Senior Librarian of College of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences Dr Riffat Aslam. She described the main plot and literary style of the novel which was about social and political hitches of Pakistan. PU Chief Librarian Dr Muhammad Haroon Usmani thanked the speakers and participants for their contribution to the program.