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Talk on "Road Safety Measures"
Talk on "Road Safety Measures"

LAHORE: (Tuesday, October 17, 2017): In the spirit of publicness and as a communal duty, the office of Career Advisory & External Linkages (CAEL) at the Institute of Administrative Sciences (IAS) invited Inspector Mr. Rana Irfan Ahmad - National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) today to deliver an informative talk on ‘Road Safety Measures’. The session began with the recitation of Holy Quran followed by a welcome note by Prof. Dr. Nasira Jabeen – Director Institute of Administrative Sciences (IAS) & Dean Faculty of Economics & Management Sciences (FEMS). Dr. Nasira Jabeen shared the significance and pretext of arranging such session at university to talk on public safety issues and to sensitize the society about the hazards involved in road usage as pedestrians and as vehicle users. She appreciated Mr. Irfan and his team for taking out time for this cause of educating youth for safety of theirs and others’ lives. Mr. Irfan shared that road safety has been quite a neglected area in terms of discussion at national forums. However, NHMP has taken the initiative to deliver lectures at institutions from primary schools to the colleges and universities. It is the high need of the hour that we educate people from all age groups since every one of us is a road user in one form or another. He shared the alarming statistics of 15000 deaths per year in Pakistan due to road accidents that involve age group of 15-29 years. Mr. Irfan enlightened the students with reasons and mistakes that individuals do on the roads that may cause minor to major accidents. He shared a POWER formula for fitness of vehicle before using it on the road. It is an acronym of Petrol, Oil, Water, Electricity and Rubber (POWER). He educated the audience on the fact that speed of the vehicle should be managed according to various factors including road, tyres, breaks, visibility, traffic density, load and driver’s condition. He placed special emphasis on prohibited use of cell phone during driving that has become the major cause of accidents in recent past. It was also discussed to avoid driving at any cost if one is fatigued, drowsy and/or sleepy.

Mr. Irfan’s presentation included small clips showing minor negligence cases causing major and fatal accidents on highways. A large number of students from Masters of Human Resource Management (MHRM), staff and faculty members attended the session. The audience was highly sensitized after realizing the hazards of one’s own negligence and they were quite determined to be ‘road safety ambassadors’. Towards the end, Mr. Irfan talked about careers in National Highways & Motorway Police for management students. Ms. Sameen Zaki – Manager CAEL thanked and concluded the talk by inviting relevant questions from the audience to be answered by the speaker.

Mr. Irfan was applauded for his dedicated effort towards spreading awareness and educating auidence about road safety measures. Prof. Dr. Nasira Jabeen and Col. Muzzafar Ali presented IAS souvenirs to Mr. Rana Irfan Ahmed as a token of appreciation. Faculty members including Ms. Saba Muhammad, Ms. Urooj Qamar, Ms. Rabeea Nawaz, Ms. Iman Saleem, Ms. Aisha Rizwan, Administrative staff; Mr. Shahzad Ahmad, Ms. Rifat Umbreen Afzal and CAEL team - Ms. Sameen Zaki and Ms. Sidra Rashid and IAS driving staff attended the session. Take home message for the session was to think twice about the consequences before taking any risks on road and avoid ‘red mist’ mindset i.e. anger causing road rage. The best quality of being a good driver is humility. The last message that he emphasized upon was: “If you are texting, you are not driving” as driving requires concentration. The session ended with group photo and vote of thanks to the speaker.