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PU, RSC organizes Int’l moot on medical chemistry, drug discovery
PU, RSC organizes Int’l moot on medical chemistry, drug discovery

LAHORE: (Sunday, November 18, 2018): Punjab University, Royal Society of Chemistry and other scientific and academic institutions have jointly organized first international conference on medical chemistry and drug discovery. The conference was aimed at stimulating research collaboration, networking and engagement within the medicinal chemistry, chemical biology and drug discovery community, as well as with those in related disciplines between Pakistan & the United Kingdom. Moreover, it aimed at promoting, supporting and encouraging the advancement of chemical sciences in Pakistan particularly research in the areas of medicinal chemistry, chemical biology and drug discovery. More than 30 experts in the field of medicinal chemistry, chemical biology and drug discovery from Oxford University, UK; University College London, UK;, Liverpool John Moores University, UK; Bristol University, UK; Birzeit University, Palestine; Bogazici University, Turkey; Weinberg University, Germany; UniversitasAirlangga, Indonesia; Centre National de Recherche enBiotechnologie, Algeria; Palestine Polytechnic University, Palestine; National Research Centre, Egypt; Monash University, Malaysia and several national universities presented their research work. From Punjab University, Prof Dr Waheed Akhtar, Prof Dr Anjum Nasim Sabri, Prof Dr Kanwal Amin, Prof Dr Tayyab Husnain and twenty-two researchers also delivered oral talks, presented research work and posters. Dr Anjum Nasim Sabri said that the conference had covered the main areas including protein/enzyme systems targeted for therapeutics interventions, particularly for the treatment of Cancer, cardiovascular diseases and anti-biotics developments, chemical biology in drug discovery: visualizing biological processes, current research in medicinal chemistry, structure and fragment-based drug design, target discovery and validation, natural products drug discovery, drug-receptor interaction and case studies from target validation to novel drugs. She said that the conference had provided an opportunity to Pakistani researchers to contribute to international research in Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery. The conference was attended by over 200 delegates from academic, industrial and R&D fields which include chemists, pharmaceutical scientists, medical doctors, biotechnologist, biochemist, professors, researchers, scientists, CEOs, directors and students belonging to the fields of chemistry, biology, pharmacy & medicine. Abdul Basit from PU’s School of Biological Sciences got third position in the poster competition.