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Rising trend of narcotics/illegal drugs in and around educational institutions
Rising trend of narcotics/illegal drugs in and around educational institutions

The Anti-drug awareness seminar under the theme “Say No to Drugs” was held at Punjab University Jhelum Campus on Wednesday January 16, 2019. PUJC administration in collaboration with District Police, Jhelum provided great magnitude of awareness on the said theme through substantial speeches and distribution of awareness pamphlets by the District Police officers. A huge gathering of PUJC students, faculty members, staff and Heads of various local schools and colleges attended the event. The worthy Director, PU Jhelum Campus Dr. Muhammad Mudasar Ghafoor & Honorable DPO Jhleum welcomed all the distinguished guests (DO Colleges, EDO Education Jhelum, Secretary Jhelum Bar, Dr. Hafiz Ur Rehman President PMA, DO CTD Jhelum, DO Special Branch, Traders Association) and key speakers. The chief guest of the seminar was the renowned religious scholar Irfan ul Haq sahib. The initiative was taken by the respected DPO Jhelum Capt. ® Syed Hammad Abid realizing the need to combat this menace of drug abuse particularly among youth.
The seminar commenced with the name of Allah Almighty and paying a rich tribute to Holy Prophet PBUH. Then all stood in the honour of National Anthem. The Director, PUJC Dr. Muhammad Mudasar Ghafoor delivered the welcome speech along with introduction of the seminar. He told that the purpose of the day is to reiterate the commitment to fight against narcotics and create greater awareness about drug abuse particularly among our youth. He highlighted the several causes which are observed in the youth to go towards drug addiction including depression, peer pressure, unintentional dependency of medicines, and lack of self- control, for experience and to enhance performance.
He imperatively held the strengthening of faith as the effective solution for curbing drug abuse. He made recommendations of self believe, self-control, reduction in communication gaps, strong family bonding, self-awareness and the involvement in healthy activities as a workable way out to counter the drugs inclination.
District Coordination Officer Jhelum (Saif Anwar Jappa) told that although drug abuse affects all aspects of a society, it is harder to combat in developing countries. He told that according to a survey, Pakistan has a large number of addicts with the majority of them aged between 15 and 35 years. He emphasized that parents and teachers will have to keep an eye on the activities of their children and students and persuade them to engage in healthy and productive activities.
District Police Officer Capt. Hammad, Jhelum thanked the management of PUJC for partnering with the district Police and holding an extremely successful seminar titled "Rising trend of narcotics/illegal drugs in and around educational institutions". He highlighted the resolve of police in eradicating the menace of drugs from Jhelum and shared statistics of action taken against drug paddlers/narcotics seizures. He urged the audience to play their role as responsible citizens both individually and collectively through social boycott of criminal elements, besides acting as eyes and ears for district police. Specially composed pamphlet containing contact numbers of the district police officer for prompt info sharing of drug paddlers and public message against use of narcotics was also distributed among the participants. (Copy of the pamphlet is enclosed).
The Chief Guest of the seminar was the renowned religious scholar Irfan ul Haq sahib who spread the word of wisdom there. He said that Human being is the unique creation of Allah Almighty wearing the crown of creations. He said that the most important thing we all have right now is that we are alive. As we are breathing and alive, we must be immensely thankful to our Creator and He chose us to be created among human beings is the thing we all must be remained in prostration before Him. And those who use drugs and narcotics are in fact disobey and are dishonest to the commands of their Creator and presenting anti-thesis of their lives bestowed on them.
The seminar ended on a note of thanks from the Director Campus to all the audience. The Director PU Jhelum Campus also presented Letter of Appreciation to the Estate Officer, PUJC, Mr. Faisal Rasheed for organizing the event magnificently. He also thanked the media persons who covered the seminar’s glimpses. Shields were distributed among the key notes speakers at the end of the seminar.