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The faculty members and students of Institute of Applied Psychology, University of Punjab attended a 2-Days VIRTUAL GLOBAL CONFERENCE on “Parenting Intervention-Learning through Play (LTP)”. The conference was organized by the University of Toronto, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Manchester Global Foundation, University of Manchester and Punjab Institute of Living and Learning (PILL) on 9th and 10th May, 2022.

The conference aimed to develop awareness regarding “Parent’s mental health” and “Effective Parenting for Children’s development”. Distinguished national and international speakers including researchers, health professionals and organizational leaders discussed the global research evidence of learning through Play (LTP). Some of the notable speakers included; Prof. Nusrat Husain, Professor of Psychiatry, Director Research Global Mental Health, Division of Psychology and Mental Health, University of Manchester; Prof. Nasim Chaudhary, Chief Executive Officer- Pakistan Institute ofLiving and Learning, Professor of Psychiatry-Dow University of Health Sciences, Health of Psychological Medicine-Remedial Centre Hospital, Consultant Psychiatry-South City Hospital, Karachi; Ms Rabia Sattar, Research Associate/ Clinical Psychologist, Punjab Institute of Living and Learning; Edward Tronick, Ph.D, Director Child Development Unit, Harvard University; Dr Ming Wai Wan, Developmental Psychologist, University of Manchester. It was a great learning experience for the students of Institute of Applied Psychology that continues to provide academic excellence to its students.