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PU CSAS organizes seminar on Kashmir
PU CSAS organizes seminar on Kashmir

LAHORE: (Friday, November 29, 2019): Punjab University Centre for South Asian Studies has organized a seminar on ‘Kashmir: Right to Self Determination’ at its seminar room. Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ former legal advisor Mr Ross Masud, faculty members and M Phil/PhD students participated in the event. Addressing the seminar, Mr Masud elaborately discussed the concept of ‘Right to Self Determination’ and explained the Kashmir struggle in the light of this basic human right. Keeping in view the historical narratives on Kashmir issue, he stated that Kashmiris were refused to give their inalienable right of self determination. He said that despite numerous UN resolutions, the plebiscite never took place in the valley of Kashmir. He said that India’s recent unilateral action to annex Kashmir valley after repealing its special status was unconstitutional. He discussed in detail various historical documents and UN resolutions that clearly asserted the right of self determination of the people of Kashmir.