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Call to adopt technology in judicial system
Call to adopt technology in judicial system

LAHORE: (Monday, April 27, 2020): Speakers at a virtual conference have said that usage of information technology tools in the judicial system has become compulsory and it is the only way to provide justice to the people under the prevailing situation of COVID-19 pandemic. The virtual conference was jointly organized by Punjab University and Institute for Legal Research and Advocacy (ILRA) here on Monday. Punjab University Law College’s Professor Dr Aman ullah Malik, Supreme Court Bar Association Senior Vice President Ghulam Murtaza Chaudhry, Punjab Judicial Academy trainer Zafar Iqbal Kalanauri, ILRA Chairman Syed Shahbaz Bukhari, Lahore High Court Bar Association Vice President Barrister Saeed Nagra, Lahore Bar Association General Secretary Rehan Khan and a large number of lawyers participated in the conference. Addressing the conference, Prof Dr Amanullah Malik said that since the prevailing situation regarding vaccine and treatment of COVID 19 was uncertain, it was necessary to benefit from IT facilities to deliver justice to the common man under prevailing circumstances. He said that University Law College also began online classes to save one precious year of our students. Chaudhry Ghulam Murtaza advocate said that presentation of arguments through a video link was possible and such practice also existed in Supreme Court in some selected cases. He said that at international level, courts were utilizing IT facilities to hear cases online and we could benefit from already shared experiences of the institutions. Mr Nagra said that some amendments would have to be made in the rules for launching a comprehensive online judicial system. He said that an online judicial system could be introduced and implemented by taking all stake-holders into confidence for its smooth functioning and delivery. ILRA Chairman Syed Shahbaz Bukhari thanked Chief Justice Lahore High Court Justice Qasim Khan and Justice Ali Baqar Najfi for taking initiatives in time to streamline the judicial system in order to provide justice to the people. He thanked them for launching the e-filing system of the cases at Lahore High Court level. He said that arguments on cases were being made through video link in various courts in many countries. He said that there was a need to give training to the stakeholders concerned and utilize appropriate IT equipment. He said that these small efforts could pave the way to provide justice to the people as well as reduce financial problems being faced by 1.5 lakh lawyers and their para-legal staff. Mr Zafar Iqbal Kalanauri advocate said that all the resources to put the judicial system online were available. He said that an online judicial system would also prove an environment friendly initiative.