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Webinar on "Religiosity, Spirituality and Mental health"
Webinar on "Religiosity, Spirituality and Mental health"

A webinar on Religiosity, Spirituality and Mental health was arranged by the Institute of Applied Psychology. (Shaykh) Jahangir Mahmud a renowned Islamic Scholar, Trainer & Educationist discussed at length how religion helps to buffer ill effects of psychological and physical disorders. He highlighted the Islamic definition, intrinsic and extrinsic aspects  of religion and how it helps believers gain wisdom, life satisfaction and happiness. He emphasised the importance of finding a true meaning in life and life hereafter which he said was must for sustaining psychological well-being.
Shaykh Jahangir Mahmud answered questions related to faith, zikar and how these help gain mental health. The webinar was attended by faculty, volunteers of COVID-19 Mental Health helpline and students.