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Islam teaches tolerance to establish peace
Islam teaches tolerance to establish peace

LAHORE: (Monday, November 16, 2020): Quaid-e-Azam University Vice Chancellor Dr Muhammad Ali Shah has said that Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) has taught us the lesson of tolerance and forgiveness and in the light of his (SAWW) teachings, peace could be established in the world. He was addressing an event organized in connection with International Tolerance Day at Al Raazi Hall here on Monday. PU Pro Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Saleem Mazhar, Secretary Inter Board Committee of Chairman Dr Ghulam Ali Mallah, Deputy Director NACTA Mahreen Maqsood, President Punjab University Academic Staff Association Prof Dr Mumtaz Anwar Choudhary, faculty members and students were present on the occasion. Addressing the participants, Dr Muhammad Ali said that the Muslims must act wisely in response to the blasphemous incidents happened in France and the world must know that the Muslims could not compromise over the respect of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW). He said that instead of taking the law into hands and damaging public property of our own Muslim brothers, we should boycott the products of such countries and express our protest in an appropriate manner. He said that the person who learnt forgiveness had high values of a good character. He said that there was no difference in liberal extremism and religious extremism. Prof Dr Saleem Mazhar said that everyone should have the right to have a difference of opinion and everyone should enjoy freedom of expression. However, he said, these rights must not be exercised to spread hatred and disrespect others. He said that Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) always listened to the people having difference of opinion with patience. Dr Ghulam Ali said that even having a difference of opinion, we must respect others’ beliefs and thoughts. Prof Dr Mumtaz Anwar Chaudhry said that it was the duty of teachers to create awareness among students and society regarding the lessons of tolerance and forgiveness given by Islam. He said that we must discourage the ideology that we were always right and others were always wrong. Ms Mahreen Maqsood said that we need to promote interfaith harmony to counter extremism.