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PU HCBF celebrates independence day
PU HCBF celebrates independence day

To keep the next generation abreast of objectives of Pakistan movement and to create a sense of recognition of the sacrifices in this journey Pakistan day was celebrated at HCBF.
The colourful event was presided over by Prof. Dr. Mubbsher Munawar Khan Principal HCBF and Dean Faculty of the Commerce and was attended by the faculty , members of staff and students.
The students in different items expressed their love and solidarity with the motherland and paid rich tributes to the martyrs of the movement. They pledged their heart and soul for the well being of the Nation and reaffirmed their commitment to protect it from evil eyes.
Speaking at the occasion Dr. Mubbsher presented a brief review of the Pakistan movement. He quoted that the Muslims were integral part of the Independence movement focusing United India. But the rigid conservative and racial bias of the Hindu leadership stimulated them to advocate Two Nation Theory. The staunch advocates of United India were made to realize that the survival of Muslims was bleak in Hindu dominated India. From Sir Syed to Quaid e Azam every leader made his contributions in this regard. The flowing blood of youth, humiliated honours of the females evidenced that the visionary leaders made no mistake in reading the fate of Muslims. Creation of Pakistan was thus the only recourse to save Muslims of Sub Continent. He said that now it is the duty of every Pakistani to play his role in strengthening this piece of land which is mark of Muslim belief and legacy of the martyrs.In this regard he briefed his efforts for Academic Excellence and upbringing of HCBF as a symbol of Quality Education. He briefed the audience of intellectual and logistical development at HCBF. He was confident that the younger generation whom he he termed the last array of hope will make full utility of the opportunities and will add to their empowerment which will ultimately culminate in empowerment of the homeland. He said these days are celebrated to reaffirm our comittment with our objectives and pay tributes to the heroes of the movement. He appreciated hard work of the students and Mrs. Sadia Ahmad Assistant Professor HCBF which resulted in organizing a memorable event.
National Songs, Poetry and other items were presented by the Contingent of enthusiastic students