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Former Secretary (r) Tariq Mahmood's book unveiled at PU
Former Secretary (r) Tariq Mahmood's book unveiled at PU

LAHORE: (Tuesday, June 14, 2022): Punjab University has organized a ceremony to launch the autobiography of renowned retired bureaucrat Tariq Mahmood titled "Dam-e-Khayal". PU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr. Saleem Mazhar, Prof. Emeritus Prof Dr. Khawaja Muhammad Zakaria, renowned poet and writer Amjad Islam Amjad, Dean Faculty of Oriental Learning Dr. Moin Nizami, Urdu Department Chairman Dr. Muhammad Kamran, renowned journalist Maqsood Butt, deans of different faculties, a large number of department heads, teachers and officers attended the ceremony. Speaking on the occasion, Vice Chancellor Dr. Saleem Mazhar said that Tariq Mahmood's book covered the most important practical aspects of life and contained high-quality literary values. He said that we should read the biographies of great people as they were role models. He said that Tariq Mahmood has written autobiography in an interesting way. He said that lack of reading habits were damaging our youth. Addressing the event, Amjad Islam Amjad said that he saw the author from the point of view of a friend. He said that we still did not know how to run the country. He said that the problems of Balochistan can be well understood from the book of Tariq Mahmood. He said that this book was a summary of the life and experiences of a conscious person and was a reference book for future generations. He also dedicated a poem to Mr Tariq Mahmood. Senior journalist Maqsood Butt said that Dam-e- Khayal is a collection of ideas. He said that Tariq Mahmood had worked with humility and for humanity in his life. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Moin Nizami, Dr. Muhammad Kamran and other speakers said that Tariq Mahmood described life in his autobiography as he experienced it. On this basis, they said, the book should be made a part of the curriculum. They said that the book also contained important lessons on the fall of East Pakistan. They that the book contained lessons on prevention of misuse of the government resources. They said that writers in the civil service have a common value of humanity. At the conclusion of the function, former secretary (retd) Tariq Mahmood thanked the guests.