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Tender Notice (Centre of Excellence in Solid State Physics)
Tender Notice (Centre of Excellence in Solid State Physics)

Sealed offers are invited from renowned & financially sound Manufacturers / Authorized Dealers / Representatives of the Reputed Manufacturers for purchase of the following items:-
LN2 Free EDX System for Hitachi S3400N SEM, complete with essential hardware and software with 137eV resolution or better, detection of elements from beryllium, along with the required computer printer etc.
Double beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer with software having wavelength range 190-1100nm, resolution 2nm or better, stray light ≤0.03%, wavelength accuracy ±0.3nm,liquid cells and other accessories mentioned separately
100 kVA Diesel Generator Set Complete from single source manufacturer with the following accessories:
Battery c/w Cables , Manuals / Operations Books
Self-ventilated, Engine mounted Control Panel having ammeter, voltmeter, frequency meter, current transformer, Annunciator c/w Siren and Indicating Lamps with battery charging ammeter, cooling water temperature, lube Oil pressure gauge, Engine “Emergency Stop” push button, Sound Proof / Weather Proof Canopy
FTIR complete system with libraries, 8000-350 cm -1 or better, with attachments for thin films, powders and liquids having high resolution, moister proof compartment etc. quoting all relevant accessories
Optical system complete with light source and spectrometer plus optical fibers to work in the range of 190-2500nm, resolution of 2nm or better
Refrigerated Tabletop Centrifuge with maximum rpm of over 10000, with digital control/display of temperature and speed etc.
Shaker Incubator with temperature of up to 80 oC, 20-400 rpm, volume up to 20L approx. or better specs.
Tenders should reach office of the Director, COE in Solid State Physics, University of the Punjab, Lahore, by 11:00am on June 07, 2017. The departmental Purchase / Tender Committee will open the tenders on the same date at 11:30am; representatives of the bidders may attend.
Tender documents can be obtained from the office on any working day during office hours upon written request on firm's letterhead and presentation of the following.
a. Non-refundable Tender Fee of Rs. 500/-
b. Attested copies of GST Registration and NTN Certificate.
(Prof. Dr. Shahzad Naseem)
Centre of Excellence in Solid State Physics
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