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Visit to PU Zoological Museum
Visit to PU Zoological Museum

Studying is not confined to only reading books and papers and research, it encompasses all the sources from which knowledge can be obtained. Thus, learning consists of both theoretical and practical approaches. As far as practical studies are concerned, observation of the systems and the nature around is valuable. For this purpose, to understand better the animal biodiversity around us, visiting the Zoological Museum of University of the Punjab was most beneficial. With the supervision of Dr Samreen Riaz (Assistant Professor), Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, the students of BS 3rd MMG Semester visited on 14.12.2018. There, the students were able to observe and take note of the different phyla and the diversity among them. Ranging from the less organized sponges to the most diverse and complex mammals, students studied the spineless invertebrate diversity as well as the vertebrates of Pakistan. The specimens preserved as well as the stuffed animals were most intriguing, and the students were told many of their general and striking features. No doubt after this visit, the students have become knowledgeable of their nature and the diversity of both animals and the systems around them. Thank you to the respected the Head of Zoology, the Acting Head MMG Dr Sikandar Sultan, respected teacher Dr Samreen Riaz, for arranging this visit and always being supportive of the educational co-curricular activities, and Sir Shafiquefor guiding the students and helping them learn about nature and the animals.