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Imagine Cup 2020
Imagine Cup 2020

Imagine Cup is world’s leading premier competition organized by Higher Education Commission & Microsoft for HEIs in Pakistan. It provides an opportunity for student technologists, developers and aspiring entrepreneurs from all academic backgrounds to collaborate, develop a technology application, and bring their passion to life while gaining a perspective of what is needed to bring a concept to market. In Imagine Cup, the brightest young minds join together to exemplify the power of student innovation. Each year, a team is chosen from Pakistan that competes against the best from around the world, to get a chance to win $100,000 USD.
This year, Imagine Cup is live again and we encourage you to especially focus on getting your Students to go to and registering themselves, and their Semester/ Final Year Projects for a chance to compete in the Regional Finals which are planned to execute in Jan 2020. The submissions are open till 15th December 2019, and any student registered in your university can go and register him/herself, register a team and upload their project: there are no restrictions on the technology used in the software itself.
The deadline for project submission for the Regional Finals is 15th December 2019. Kindly reply this letter with details of the projects your university will submit on link provided to participate in 2020 Imagine Cup.

For further details, please visit