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PU VC urges academia to guide nation for uplift
PU VC urges academia to guide nation for uplift

LAHORE: (Thursday, March 25, 2021): Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof Niaz Ahmed has urged the academia to guide the nation and the government for the development of the country so that the objectives of establishment of Pakistan could be achieved. He was addressing an online seminar on “Lahore Resolution and its Regional Perspective” organized by PU Department of History and Pakistan Studies in connection with the celebration of Pakistan Day. PU Department of History Chairman Dr Mahboob Hussain, Director Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar Prof Dr Fakhar ul Islam, Chairperson Department of History AIOU Prof Dr Samina Awan, Chairman Department of History BZU Multan Dr Muhammad Shafiq, Department of History, Karachi University ‘s Dr Moeez Khan, Chairman Department of History Dr Kaleemullah, Chairman Department of History GCU Faisalabad Dr Rizwanullah Kokab and MPhil/PhD scholars from various universities of Pakistan participated in the event. Addressing the conference, PU VC Prof Niaz Ahmed said that it was the duty of the historians to guide young generation in historical perspective so that they could contribute towards prosperity of Pakistan keeping in view our glorious past. He said that Pakistan was full of human and natural resources and it had the potential to become a great country of the world.

Dr Fakhar Islam highlighted the active role of the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the establishment of Pakistan. He said that Sardar Aurangzeb participated in Lahore Resolution with 800-member delegation and the people of the province were ready to give any sacrifice for the sake of Pakistan. Dr Muhammad Shafiq said that the Muslims of the sub continent lacked unity and direction at that time and the Lahore Resolution resolved this problem. Dr Samina said that the objective of commemorating Pakistan Day was to explain its message to the young generations. Dr Moeez Khan highlighted the role of the people of Sindh in the establishment of separate homeland for the Muslims of the sub-continent. Dr Kaleemullah said that Qazi Muhammad Esa of Balochistan endorsed Lahore Resolution aims activated Muslim League in Balochistan. He said that unfortunately we were not pursuing various goals set which we must have followed after the establishment of Pakistan.

The conference unanimously passed resolution that "This conference considers it essential for people of Pakistan that as per will presented through the Resolution of 23rd March 1940 and expressed through first constitution of Pakistan 1956 an environment for the development of a collective and consensual Pakistani will to live in harmony according to the dreams and aspirations of our founding fathers, be enhanced in public spirit. It resolves and that democrat Muslim narrative presented through the resolution of 23 march 1940 be promoted and made part of education curriculum. The conference recommend that principles of equality, freedom of speech, decision making based on consensus amongst the various communities of the nation through dialogue, devolution of power to the people through best democratic practices, freedom of practicing religion must be implemented in letter and spirit according to the actual demands of our leaders who led the freedom movement and carved an independent land for us by pursuing these principles". In the end, Chairman Department of History and Pakistan Studies Prof Dr Mehboob Hussain thanked the participants.