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Seminar stresses rights for migrant women
Seminar stresses rights for migrant women

LAHORE: (Tuesday, March 8, 2022): Punjab University Institute of Social and Cultural Studies Director Prof Dr Rubina Zakar has said that about half of the migrants in the world today were women and the governments, institutions and societies must make efforts to provide them due rights as they were already struggling to live a normal life. She was addressing a seminar organized by ISCS in collaboration with Migration Resource Centre (MRC) on women and migration to highlight the issues of women immigrants. MRC Counselor Mr Rana Imran, Executive Director SSDO Syed Kausar Abbas, Executive Director HomeNet Pakistan Umme Laila and others participated in the event. Addressing the ceremony, Dr Rubina Zakar said that women migrants included both international migrants, who move to other countries, as well as internal migrants, who relocate in other parts of their own countries. She said that one of the most significant trends in migration had been the entry of women into migration streams that had been primarily male. She said that despite all this, women's role was neglected in migration. She said that the mobility of women affected the roles of both female and male migrants, families left behind in the migration process, and source and destination communities and countries of migrants. She said that in particular, migration of women from developing countries affected the development process itself for those countries. She said that it also raised a number of challenges to immigration and refugee policies that address such issues as family reunification and formation, labour migration, trafficking and smuggling, and forced migration. She said that statistics on migration, both internal and international, were notoriously poor. She said that most data were collected by governments as part of their administrative management of migration flows. The speakers talked about migration as the opportunity for empowerment of women and the challenges and vulnerabilities women face in the context of migration. They said that we celebrated international women's day and acknowledged the contributions of women in domestic and public spheres for the development of their families and country. They said that our women were playing their effective and positive role in country's economy at national, regional and international levels.