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Classical Poetry

Code: 302
Title: Classical Poetry
Rating: 3 Credit hours
Type: Compulsory
The students are expected to have proficiency in spoken and written English.
This course is based on a survey of poetry by Chaucer and the two earliest poets of the English Renaissance - Thomas Wyatt and Sir Henry Howard. Offering a study of gentle satire and humor  in Chaucer’s Prologue to the Canterbury Tales and the conception of courtly love in Wyatt and Surrey’s poetry, this course is structured around various poetic forms invented in the corpus of Classical poetry. Readings, lectures and discussions will cover a selection of poems by the three poets along with modern critical commentary on classical poetry.
• To interpret Classical Poetry within its literary and historical context.
• To develop keen awareness of the poetic language and tone.
• To perceive poetry as refined commentary on the aesthetics of its time.
• To introduce various genres of poetry, namely, epic, sonnet, ballad, lyric and elegy.
Geoffrey Chaucer
• Prologue to the Canterbury Tales
Thomas Wyatt

• The Long Love that in my Thought doth Harbor
• Whoso List to Hunt, I Know where is an Hind
• They Flee from Me
• Madam, withouten many words
Henry Howard- The Earl of Surrey
• My Friend, the Things that do Attain
• Love that doth Reign and Live within my Thought
• Wyatt Resteth Here
After successful completion of the course, the students will be able to:
identify major tenets of Classical Poetry.
effectively analyze Classical Poetry within its literary and historical context.
understand the elements of versification: rhyme, rhythm, metre, tone, mood and other technicalities of verse.
Credit hours/ Marks:- 03

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