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Post-Colonial Fiction

Code:         407
Title:          Post-Colonial Fiction
Rating:      3 Credit hours
This course is aimed to explore themes that include: representations of ‘the metropolitan centre’ and ‘the periphery’; postcolonial interactions with the metropolitan centre through postcolonial novels; disillusion with independence; problems of identity and cultural identification; exile and diaspora; neo-colonialism; the role of the intellectual and the artist; the subversion of western literary form; the usages of the English language; problems and opportunities of the postcolonial woman.
Objectives and Learning Outcomes:
If you complete the course successfully, you should:
Possess a coherent knowledge and a critical understanding of postcolonial literature and its key historical, cultural and theoretical developments
Be able to compare, discuss and explain interconnections and functions of postcolonial literature and its contexts, including comparative and interdisciplinary issues
Be able to critically evaluate arguments and assumptions about postcolonial literature, texts, and modes of interpretation
Be able to communicate arguments effectively and show a degree of independent thinking in so doing
Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe
Twilight in Delhi
Ahmad Ali
Credit hours/ Marks:- 03

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