Estb. 1882

University of the Punjab

BS (4 years) Clinical Psychology

Centre for Clinical Psychology offers BS-4 years Program in Clinical Psychology which extends over eight semesters. An in-depth teaching and supervised training is provided to the students. The students are in assessment, diagnosis and psychological management of different psychological problems. Students are also required to undertake a research project. A graduate is not entitled to practice Clinical Psychology without having further qualification i.e., ADCP or MS in Clinical psychology . An orientation about the resources, facilities, rules and regulations is provided before the commencement of the classes which is mandatory for the students to attend.
Credit Hours:
Semester I = 18Ch
Semester II = 18Ch
Semester III = 18Ch
Semester IV = 18Ch
Semester IV = 17Ch
Semester VI = 17Ch
Semester VII = 14Ch
Semester VIII = 10Ch
Total Credit Hours: 130
4 Credit hours for Research Project
Supervised Internships in Adult and Child Psychiatry

Course Outline-



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Admission Criteria