Estb. 1882

University of the Punjab


The PUZAA is founded to build and maintain lifelong relations with the Alumni through a common platform in order to stimulate interest and generate support for the Zoology department.

  • To promote understanding and contact among the alumni.
  • To provide opportunity for participation of the alumni in national planning for research and development in the field of animal sciences.
  • To disseminate day to day achievements taking place in the scientific field.
  • To work for betterment and uplift of the University and profession.
  • To organize students-alumni meetings,  alumni get together and annual dinner etc
  • To keep our members informed and updated with important Zoology news / Departmental events. We work together in organizing lectures and events, are informed when professors are visiting and make sure members can take full advantage of the alumni services offered by zoology department.
  • Alumni give their time and expertise to Department as leaders of the society; as career mentors to students and fellow alumni; and as Departmental ambassadors.

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