dsa student complaint portal

University of the Punjab highly values quality of Education and delivery of its academic and administrative services for the benefit of our youth. Office of Directorate of Students Affairs plays a pivotal role to bring the Students and Academia in close alignment. Students Affairs provides a wide variety of educational services, as well as artistic, athletic, and cultural programs, along with non-academic services to students. As a service organization, the University values high quality in the delivery of all of its academic and administrative services for students benefit. Occasionally, a student may feel that the treatment they have received is not consistent with expectations based upon the University’s official procedures. In these cases, the University desires to have a clearly defined path for students to express their complaints in a manner that will provide documentation and accountability within the institution for providing a timely response and resolution.

Directorate of Students Affairs has initiated a Complaint Portal for student’s facilitation on its website. Its purpose is to facilitate our students in directing their concerned queries and complaints towards the concerned departments.


What is a Complaint?

A complaint is a written statement by a student regarding his/her concern related to University i.e Academics, Residence, Other considerations..


Complaint Process for currently enrolled on campus PU Students:

  • Students are encouraged to resolve complaints personally at first hand at the appropriate level; however, if this approach fail or be inappropriate, students may submit written complaints through an online complaint form.

  • All pertinent information should be listed including Name, Department, date, time, location, and other important information related to complaint which help to resolve the complaint, and desired resolution.

  • Forms submitted without valid contact information will not be processed; Once received, the complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate academic area or administrative unit for review.

  • Complaints are respected and honored. No reprisals or retaliation shall be invoked against any student.

  • All submissions will be kept confidential to the extent possible given the need to investigate the complaint and resolve the issue by maintaining student & campus safety.

  • The University is required to maintain a log or a record of written/online student complaints.

  • The Directorate of students Affairs (DSA) Office, housed in the STC building Quaid-e-Azam campus Lahore, coordinates a centralized process for collection, dissemination, and logging of student complaints.

  • Students may submit complaints via the online complaint form available at DSA website www.pu.edu.pk/dsa or in writing to the DSA Office.

  • The DSA Office will distribute completed online forms electronically to the appropriate Academic and Administrative departments on campus representative for action.

  • The representative department will notify the DSA Office when the complaint has been resolved.


The online Student Complaint form is available at www.pu.edu.pk/dsa/studentcomplaintform/.
Mailing Address:  
Directorate of Students Affairs, STC Building Quaid-e-Azam Campus,Lahore. 54590
ph no.99232383,99230181
Complaint Process for private students/others:

  • Those who are Punjab University Private Students, Alumni or others are preferred to visit DSA office personal along with all an Application regarding their complaint and relevant documents.

  • In case if it’s not feasible to visit in person then at first hand fill the Complaint form for Private Students/Others section online and submit the required information.

The online Private Student/Others Complaint form is available at www.pu.edu.pk/dsa/private student /others complaint form/.


Complaint Process FAQ’s

Who is responsible for the maintenance of the student complaint log?
The Director of Students Affairs is responsible for the maintenance of the University’s record of student complaints. Any complaints received through the centralized University web form are recorded and tracked by the Director of Students Affairs

Can we register a complaint on Phone?
No, we only track written and online complaints  via Student Complaint Form from students.

Can we register a complaint through individual staff, faculty, or departments?
No, we cater only written complaints received by a student in person or via the on line form submitted by the student him/herself.

Do complaints need to be logged again if there is already an existing formal appeal process is going on?
No, if you already have appealed your case then follow or wait for the decision do not submit online form until you get your answer from your request.

When a complaint is considered “resolved”?
When a University official with responsibility for the area related to the complaint provides a response to the student, whether the resolution was in the student’s favor or not.

Do complaints from former students, applicants, alumni, or parents need to be entered?
We encourage former student, applicants , alumni or parents either visit personally to your concerned department to address your concern. In case if its very difficult to come you can submit online complaint form but you have to visit in person also with supported documents.

What information needs to be sent back to the Director of Students Affairs when the complaint has been resolved?
The Student is required to submit Online Student Complaint Resolution Form available at www.pu.edu.pk/dsa or email at info.dsa@pu.edu.pk regarding his/her feedback.
Department Representative should submit a summary of the complaint, date the complaint was received, summary of the resolution, date of the resolution, and any other pertinent information to the Director of Students Affairs at info.dsa@pu.edu.pk.

May complaints be submitted anonymously?
Yes. we try our best to accommodate our students concerns we appreciate not to send anonymous applications as we provide full confidentiality and support to our students. In case if students still insist to send complaint anonymously then they are not receive online rather complaints should be emailed at info.dsa@pu.edu.pk

What happens to the Students personal information once it is logged in the database?
We try our best to keep the information strictly confidential however it has to be forwarded for further processing to concerned departments.

Where can I file an on-line Complaint?
Complaints can be file via our on-line Complaint form available at www.pu.edu.pk/dsa