Directorate of Students Affairs provides a facilitating environment to University students regarding their different areas of concern. Its office is located in new campus and it is the first point of contact for prospective as well as admitted students for most of their general queries during their academic life here at Punjab University. The Staff is equipped to help students through effective guidance and counseling. The representing counters/rooms are being established here to facilitate the students to address their queries and concerns. The facilities include:

Academic Advising Services

DSA provides guidance to students regarding their educational concerns. Professional staff provide advice appropriate for the student's concerns. Personnel in the functional unit are knowledgeable about academic options, career pathways, support services and financial assistance in order to make referrals accurately and appropriately. Academic enquiries related to various courses and programs are addressed. It also includes guiding the students about academic calendar and the activities in the University.


Admissions (Trials on reserved seats)

During the admissions process DSA provides assistance to prospective students regarding admission guidelines. Staff is throughout engaged in dialogue with prospective students about academic programs, support services and campus life among other topics during the admission process. Admission desk provides information regarding admissions in different programs offered by the University, its procedure and details. DSA has published a STUDENT'S GUIDEBOOK which is distributed among prospective students about guidelines for admission in different programs of the University. DSA also conduct trials for admissions against reserved seats on the basis of reserved seats, all the trials like naat, Qirat, debates, Calligraphy etc are conducted in office of DSA.


Orientation for New Students

Directorate of Students Affairs always welcome our students and provide them guidance and facilitation as much possible. New students are also facilitated and suitable information is provided regarding policies and procedures about educational programs and other support services..


Special Services

International Students Services DSA provides support services for the University's international students, faculty, and staff and those that might need it when abroad. Directorate of Student Affairs – assists international students in achieving their educational goals, while ensuring governmental immigration regulations are upheld
Reserved Seats/multi-cultural services Students who get admission on reserved seats or on special quota like Baloch students and others from different provinces of Pakistan are also facilitated regarding their queries and concerns, .


Disability Support Services

Disability support services provide facilitation to those students who have physical disability and who are admitted in Punjab University under special 2%quota.It deals with their concerns and queries. Punjab University welcomes and supports students with disabilities. We appreciate the diversity that students with disabilities bring to the University, which is consistent with our core values and in support of our strategic plan.

Disability Support Services is available to provide appropriate and reasonable supports and modifications so that students may fully participate in life at the University. Disability Support Services' mission is to provide students with disabilities the equal opportunity to participate in all University programs and activities. The staff coordinates accommodations and supports so students can learn, lead, and serve in a diverse and changing world. .



A variety of sports facilities including playing fields for cricket, hockey, football and athletics, a swimming pool for male students and indoor game facilities in the hostels are available at the Quaid-e-Azam Campus. Playing fields for various sports and a female swimming pool are provided near the Allama Iqbal Campus. The sports facilities for male and female students are managed by the respective sports offices. Each year competitive sports for both male and female students are organized at inter-departmental, inter-collegiate and inter-university levels in a variety of sports like hockey , football, cricket, badminton, athletic, etc .Other than that Sports Club ,Swimming pool, Gymnasium, Shopping Center are also available for students and staff.

Interdepartmental/Inter University Competitions
Co-curricular activities play very important role in grooming personality of the students, enhancing their communicational skills and increasing their confidence. Students Affairs organizes these activities throughout the academic year. These co-curricular activities include:
Inter Departmental/university Debating Contests.
Hussan-e-Qirr’at and Naat Khawani Competitions.
All Pakistan Inter University Bilingual Declamation Contest.
Inter Provincial Exchange of Students Delegation

Online competitions
Due to the present pandemic situation a deep sense of fear, depression and anxiety prevails in the country. Directorate of Students Affairs, University of the Punjab has taken initiative to organize all Pakistan Qiraat and Naat competitions to provide the healthy activity to all the community at national level. Moreover Online Essay writing competitions were also arranged.
Field Trips/Tours
Numerous students good-will mission/study tours from various other Universities and colleges of Pakistan frequently visit the University. They are provided with boarding and transport to create maximum good-will between the visiting students and the students of the University.
Regular seminars are held at the campus to provide students with a professional know-how of what is transpiring around the world. Experts from the corporate and public sector are frequently invited to share their knowledge and experiences with the students, which in turn helps them to identify their career options. Workshop-related activities on social and sensitive issues, in collaboration with different organizations are also carried out to motivate students’ interest in fulfilling their moral obligations towards society. Seminars on special occasions like Kashmir Day, Independence Day are also arranged for the students and faculty in the campus premises.


Students Counseling Services

Students Counseling Center provides psychological health care to the University students. This care includes counseling, assessment and therapeutic intervention. This is a first point of contact if a student is experiencing adjustment problems, academic, emotional or psychological issues.

Office of Student Counseling Services is located at PU Teaching Hospital (Health Center) First floor
Contact: Office No.042-99231256. Email: sadia.dsa@pu.edu.pk for online counseling visit PU webpage www.pu.edu.pk/scs



Counseling Services on campus provides students with support and guidance through personal or academic challenges. Counseling Services offers individual and group counseling to support those students who need to work through their challenges, which affect their ability to succeed in their lives. Students mostly seek advice for: Exams Anxiety/Stress, Time Management, Anxiety/Depression, Low self-confidence, Adjustment to University life, Decision-making dilemmas and Other common student-related emotional concerns.

Atmosphere: Office of Counseling Services encourages a respectful, safe, and affirming atmosphere for students. The services provided are professional and confidential. Office is located at PU Teaching Hospital. Students are given meeting time on one-to-one basis.


How to book an appointment? Students can book their appointment via online booking, in-person booking, or walk-in hours. During COVID-19 lockdown situation we are offering online counseling services to our on campus student. Phone No. 92-42-99231256 email: sadia.dsa@pu.edu.pk

Types of Services provided by Student Counseling Services:

  • Individual one to one Support

  • Seminar and Workshops

  • Group Counseling

  • Online Counseling

  • Physical Resources/Reading Material

Average Appointment Time: 45–60 minutes.

 Length of Treatment: Therapy can last a few sessions or several weeks or on follow up visits depending upon the nature and severity of problem. Students can avail counseling services as long as they are part of PU.


Types of Counseling

Counseling services can be utilized for many aspects, such as:

  • Personal Counseling: Personal counseling deals with student's personal life concerns related to academic, social, adjustment areas or other life stresses, anxiety, depression etc.

  • Career Counseling: Career Counseling looks at individuals' career exploration, change, or personal development. Our goal is to guide individuals into a career that is suited to their aptitude, personality, interest and skills.

  • Academic Advising: Academic Advising assist individuals obtain effective and efficient study skills so that students can be successful in their respective courses.

  • Group Counseling: Group Counseling provides a supportive environment to discuss problems and concerns of students experiencing similar issues. Let's Talk is a program initiated by Directorate of Students Affairs on every Thursday in the premises of STC at 2:00pm to 4:00Pm a group session on different topics of concern are conducted by the Student Counselor for Students guidance and grooming.

  • *For details visit www.pu.edu.pk/scs

  • Let's Talk: Let's Talk is a program that brings professional Clinical Psychologist to the PU students for easy access to informal and confidential consultations through group counseling. Every Thursday 2:00 to 4:00pm, Student Counselor/Clinical Psychologist meets students and provide consultation and information to students on different topics of concern.