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Mission Statement

The mission of the Directorate of Students Affairs is:

Holistic development and grooming of the students within a safe, healthy, inclusive and supportiveenvironment by maintainingdiscipline on the campus.



We offer comprehensive programs and services to advance co-curricular learning, foster student leadership,enhance the quality of student life, and promote the general welfare of the campus community.

  • To establish a positive learning environment that fosters successful learning and personal growth and development.

  • To encourage students to initiate positive and constructive activities that help to achieve and improve the objective of a balanced personality.

  • To promote co-curricular activities and provide opportunities, resources, and support to students to organize competitions, functions, seminars, workshops, exhibitions,   welcome parties etc to make their stay in the University a rich experience of multi-dimensional growth.

  • To maintain discipline in the campus and to provide favorable environment to the students.

  • To provide counseling and guidance to the students to cope up with their daily stresses of life and building up their characters and personalities as a responsible citizens.


Introduction: Directorate of Students Affairs (DSA)

The Directorate of Students Affairs (DSA)works actively to coordinate the various aspects of student life and development by generating a liaison between students, faculty and university administration. In June 1966 Student Teacher Centre was established which was run by Directorate of Student Affairs. The center accommodates the offices of various cultural societies of the University.There are special halls for indoor games, public lectures, seminars and conferences at the center. It also includes 8 furnished guest rooms for academic visitors to the University.

Directorate of Students Affairs plays the role of a backbone of university and offers a platform for wide variety of curricular and co-curricular activities to the students so that they can enjoy pleasant environment and enriched campus life. The underlying fundamental mission of Directorate of Student Affairs, however, is to ensure that students are safe, cared for, well treated and satisfied with their higher education.The Student Affairs staff works with students in a holistic manner, providing guidance and support to studentsin achieving their educational goals and in their personal development to assume the responsibilities of maturely educated persons.

The whole team of Directorate of Students Affairs helps students to deal with life challenges and transitions, and empower them to become architects of their own learning and development. It addresses the problems being faced by the students in cordial manner. Directorate of Students Affairs provides a holistic approach by integrating different services, resources and activities going on in the university for the benefit of the students. The Offices of Hall Council, Skill Development Center, Student Counseling Center, Career Counseling Center, Health Center, Disability Support Services, Special Services for International Students and Reserved Seats/multi-cultural Services all in sum encourage students to discover their own abilities and potential and to assist them in making sound and independent decisions.



Prof. Mir Muhammad Rafiq

Prof. Dr. Riffat Rashid

01-12-1962 to 13-06-1965

17-06-1965 to 12-09-1965



Prof. Dr. A. K. Tanweer

Prof. Dr. Qazi S. Ahmad

13-09-1965 to 04-03-1966

05-03-1966 to 30-09-1969



Prof. Kh. Ghulam Sadiq

Prof. Sher Ahmad Lodhi

01-10-1969 to 28-06-1971

01-10-1971 to 21-01-1973



Prof. Dr. M. D. Shami

Prof. Kh. Ghulam Sadiq

22-01-1973 to 07-11-1974

08-11-1974 to 12-12-1976




Prof. Dr. Riaz ur Rehman

Muhammad Waris Mir

13-12-1976 to 13-05-1978

01-06-1978 to 22-09-1978



Prof. Dr. M. N. Romani 

Prof. Dr. Daler Khan

23-09-1978 to 13-05-1979

14-05-1979 to 15-09-1981



Prof. Dr. Miskeen Ali Hijazi

Prof. Dr. A. H. Dilawari

16-09-1981 to 16-01-1994

07-01-1994 to 07-07-1994



Mr. Rao Muhammad Afzal Khan

Prof. Dr. Nasim Riaz Butt

08-07-1994 to 08-10-1995

09-10-1995 to 30-09-1997



Prof. Dr. Dil Muhammad

Prof. Dr. Niaz Ahmad     

17-10-2001 to 13-10-2003

14-10-2003 to 18-05-2006



Prof. Ch. Nazir Ahamd 

Dr. Mujahid Ali Mansoori

25-05-2006 to 04-01-2008

07-01-2008 to 19-08-2008



Dr. Muhammad MakshoofAthar

Iftikhar Ahmad Chaudhry

20-08-2008 to 05-08-2009

06-08-2009 to 28-05-2012



Prof. Dr. Rafiq Ahmad

Shahid Mahmood Gul

28-05-2012 to 29-01-2013

29-01-2013 to 02-03-2018



Iftikhar Ahmad Chaudhry

Prof. Dr. Asmatullah

05-03-2018 to 20-08-2018

20-08-2018 to 10-01-2020



Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shafiq         


10-01-2020 to 2022


Prof. Dr. Sajid Rashid Ahmad         





administrative staff of dsa


Sr. No.




Dr. Muhammad Ali



Muhammad  Asghar

Deputy Director


Muhammad Saleem Akhtar

Assistant Director


Mr. Khalid Hussain

Admin Officer


Muhammad Mansha Zahid



Sadia Shahzeb

Clinical Psychologist/
In charge Student Counseling Services


Mr. Abdul Qadir

Sr. Clerk


Mr. Shahbaz Ali

Jr. Clerk