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University of the Punjab

Prof. Dr. Tariq Mahmood

Prof. Dr. Tariq Mahmood
Director of Institute of education and research, Prof Dr.Tariq Mahmood Ch is a distinguished scholar and educator who has dedicated his life to the field of education. With an impressive academic background and a wealth of experience, Prof Dr Tariq Mahmood CH is a renowned figure in the world of education. His passion for teaching and commitment to enhancing the educational landscape has left an indelible mark on students and colleagues alike. He has completed Post-Doctoral Fellowship from University of Minnesota United States of America. He accomplished his Ph D in special education with the special emphasis on development of diagnostic procedures for the identification of children with specific learning difficulties at 6th & 7th grade in regular school students. He is honored with his 2nd Ph D degree in Educational Management from University of Utara Malaysia. He did his two masters in both areas first in Applied Psychology and second in Educational administration. Beyond the classroom, he has taken on leadership roles in various educational initiatives and projects, further cementing their status as a thought leader in the field. His dedication to improving educational practices and policy has led to positive changes in the broader educational landscape. Since, 2019 he has been serving as Chairperson, Center for the Child Rights & Safety Education He served as chairperson of Students Affairs, Academic Affairs and Library management of the institute of education and research University of the Punjab. He has established good professional standards and measures for the efficient management of practice teaching of the Institute of Education & Research for the nine years.
Since 2018, he has been leading the well disciplined task of Rovers Scouts Leaders Training and Shaheen Leaders Scout Training for the last. He is honored with life time executive membership in Rovers Scouts Leaders Training and Shaheen Leaders Scout Training. His extensive research and publications in the field have contributed significantly to the academic discourse on education, inspiring countless individuals to pursue careers in this vital area of study. He has represented Pakistan in multiple conferences as key note speaker He mentored and supervised numerous students in their pursuit of knowledge and research.
Designation:- Director