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 Mr. Javed Sami 
Incharge & Assistant Professor
Office: Department of Space Science, Quaid-e-Azam Campus, Lahore.
Phone: 92-42-9230370
Email: chairman.spsc@pu.edu.pk, sami.spsc.@pu.edu.pk
  Work Experience:  
Lecturer in the Department of Space Science University of the Punjab, Lahore, w.e.f. 29th March 1990 to date. Teaching M.Sc. (Space Science) and B.Sc. (Hon's) classes and guiding the M.Sc. students in experiments and research work.
I have been teaching the subject of Electricity and Magnetism, 2 credit hour course of 2 nd semester to the B.Sc. (Hon's) class in Institute of Chemistry, Punjab University.
I have been teaching the subject of Noise Pollution , 2 credit hour course of 4 th semester to the B.Sc. (Hon's) class in Department of Environmental Science, Punjab University.
Imparting lecture to M.Sc Evening class, 3rd semester on the subject of Air Pollution and Noise pollution In Department of Environmental Science, Punjab University.
  Educational Qualification:  
M. Phil. (2000)
University of the Punjab, Lahore.
M.Sc. (1986)
University of Karachi, Karachi.
  Subject Studied  
Subject Studied During M.Phil
Quarks and Leptons
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
Group theory and its application to particle physics
Mathematical Method
Quantum Electro dynamic Field Theory
Standard Model
Computational methods
One year research project on the topic of ‘Dark Matter Physics some Aspect'
Subject Studied During M.Sc. 
Classical Physics
Nuclear Physics
Quantum Physics
Electromagnetic Theory
Statistical Mechanics
Advanced Quantum Mechanics
Mathematical Physics
Automata Theory
Energy Physics
Space Physics
Solid State Physics
  Thesis Supervised  
Detection of air pollution particularly noise and dust particulate around Shah-Alam Chowk Lahore (Session 1993-95), Waheed-ud-Din
Detection of Air pollution particularly CO and lead particulate around Shah-Alam Chowk Lahore Session (1993-95), Rana Shahid Mahmood
Impact of climate changes on flood forecasting Session (1993-95), Zainab Hashmi.
Measurement of SO 2 , NO 2 etc. due to burning of Hospital wastes in Lahore city (Session 1994-96), Ehsan Ullah Tipu
Estimation testing of CO, NH 3 and Cl 2 of motor vehicles in localities of thick population of Lahore (Session 1994-96), Imran Khan.
Concentration of CO, NO 2 at traffic intersections and busy roads of Lahore (Session 1994-96), Muhammad Fahim Akhtar.
Study of concentration of CO and Cl 2 caused by waste burning in various hospitals Lahore city ( Session (1994-96), Muhammad Rizwan ul Haq.
Estimation of SO 2 and NO 2 due to Auto Mobiles in thickly population areas of Lahore City ( Session 1994-96), Muhammad Arfat Qurashi
Estimation of CO, NO 2 and Noise around Lahore Air port and hazardous effects near residence( Session 1995-97), Syed Adila Batool.
A study of concentration of SO 2 , NO 2 , Cl 2 and NH 3 caused by hospital waste burning in various hospital Lahore City.(1995-97), Amir Rafique
Detection of Toxic gases due to automobile exhaust , (1995-1997) Muhammad Nasir.
A study of Air pollution and Noise at Junk Yards of Lahore (1996-1998), Shazad Javed
Measurement of SO 2 , H 2 S etc and Noise level near education institutions of Lahore (Session 1996-98), Sadia Shabaz.
Analysis Ambient Air quality in commercial areas of Lahore( Session 1996-98), M.Hasan Munir
Detection of Toxic Gases (SO, SO 2 , H 2 S , NH 3 , Cl 2 ) caused by Waste burning in various Hospitals of Lahore ( Session 1997-99), Mian Moeen Irfan
Estimation of various gaseous pollutants in the industrial area near PECO Road, Lahore Session (1997-99), Muhammad Zakaria
Concentration of Various Air pollutants in industrial areas. Session (1997-1999), Khawaja Nozair Ashraf.
The Study of Variable Stars(1998-2000), Basam Wahid.
Concentration of variaious exhaust gases caused transport in Lahore, (1998-2000), Syed Amjad Hasan Kazami.
**A research Report on Radar Antenna (1998-2000) Sarwat Zahara.
A study of different air pollutants in the commercial and Residential Areas of Lahore as compared with past data (1998-2000), Muhammad Shafique.
The Big-Bang and the Early Universe(1998-2000), Haris Rana
A case study of toxic gases arising from hospital waste in the vicinity of Ittefaq hospital and comparison with the past year data (1999-2001) Mudassar Kaleem Siddique
A current study of various air pollution and comparison with the trends of previous years data in the busiest Chowks of Lahore, (1999-2001) Asim Yousaf.
A study of various toxic gases caused by Industrial Areas of Lahore (2000-2002), M. Junaid Ahmad
Comprehensive study of pollutants and health hazards caused by them (2001-2003), Syed Mudassar Hasan Shah
  Membership of Learned Societies  
Secretary Institute of Space Science and Space Technology ISSSTECH, Pakistan since April 2001.
Life member of Pakistan Institute of Physics and I have been its joint secretary from January 2001 to December 2002.
Worked as Member of Board of Studies and Elected member of Academic Council and also a member of Board of Faculty of Science.
Participation in Seminars, Courses and Conferences:
Conference on Physics held on 21-23 October, 2003, organized by Pakistan Institute of Physics. (Attended &organized).
Attended Seminar on the topic of “Solar System Plasma” arranged by KHARZMIC Science Society, Feb 2000, at University of Engineering & Technology Lahore.
One day Seminar on “ Application of Space Science and Space Technology”, organized by ISSTECH and Department of Space Science on 11 April,2001 at South Asian Center, Punjab University, Lahore
Work shop on SuperString, (Co-sponsored by ICTP, Italy), held on April 23-May 12, 2001,NCP Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad.
A seminar attended on “History of Atomic Explosion with special reference to Pakistan, held on 10 May 2000, organized by PIP, Dr. Inam ur-Rehamn was the speaker, at CHEP.
A workshop on Information technology on Higher Education held on 17-20 July 2000 at Administrative Sciences, Punjab University.
Attended Seminar and lecture delivered by Mr. Marcello P. Soliven, VP Microsemi-Silbridge on National Considerations for Wireless Technology Infrastructure in Pakistan”, California, USA at Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology, October 19, 2000.
Attended Seminar on “Space as Visioned in 21st Century” at the occasion of World Space Week, organized by SUPARCO at AVARI Hotel, Lahore on October 06, 2000.
Seminar on “Satellites and their Applications, especially in Defense”, Department of Space Science and Faculty of Science, Punjab University , Lahore on February 28, 2000.
Attended International Islamic Conference held on 3- 5 November 2000 at Aiwan-e Iqbal.
Attended the International Conference on Development of Information Technology year 2000 and beyond PSGIS IKHWAN COMPLEX BARKI Lahore March 7-9, 1999.
Seminar on Analysis, Classification and Interpretation of Satellite Digital Data using ER-Mapper and other software in Department of Space Science Punjab University Lahore in 1998.
Pakistan institute of physics conference held at Islamia University Bahawalpur, 3-6 April1995.(Attended)
The Pakistan Institute of Physics Annual Conference on contemporary Physics 2-5, April 1993.(attended)
Short training course on Remote Sensing held in South Asian Center arranged by SUPARCO on 2-7 April 1991. (Attended & certificate received)
Environmental study of Urban and Industrial areas of Lahore from Punjab University.