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  Journal of Political Studies
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Vol. 28, No. 1,(Summer 2021)

The Sikh Struggle for Khalistan: Refocusing on the Punjabi Suba (Province) Movement in India
by Amir Ali, Muhammad Iqbal Chawla & Dr Muhammad Abrar Ahmad
A Critical Analysis of Fundamental Rights Under the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973
by Dr. Naveed Ahmed
Intrastate Hydro Politics: Issues of Hydro Resource Management in India
by Nusrat Asif, Asia Mukhtar & Dr. Hafiz Abdur Rashid
Issues and Conflicts in Balochistan: Implications for Pakistan
by Dr. Muhammad Muzaffar, Dr. Imran Khan & Dr. Zahid Yaseen
Identity Crisis and Rights in Trouble: Transgenders in Islamic Republic of Pakistan
by Dr. Muhammad Mumtaz Ali Khan & Mr. Imran Alam
Path Dependency and Implementation of Administrative Reforms: Case of Civil Services of Pakistan
by Labiba Sheikh & Aisha Rizwan

Issues of Shia Hazara Community of Quetta, Balochistan: An Overview
by Dr. Gulshan Majeed

Political Dynamics of Biraderi Politics An Empirical Analysis of District Toba Tek Singh
by Dr. Nabila Akhtar and Dr. Qamar Fatima

De-Radicalization through Education Reforms: Comparative Analysis of Closed-Book and Open Book Examination Regime
by Farhan Akhtar

Influencer Marketing on Instagram: Effects of Promotional Posts on Purchasing Behavior of Consumers
by Dr. Muhammad Rashid Khan, Maryam Iqbal and Ayesha Jahan Lodhi

Contemporary Ecological Paradigms and Emerging Challenges of Water Security Nexus for Pakistan
by Asma Siddique

China's Economic Diplomacy in South Asia: Emerging Dynamics and Regional Implications
by Usman Qais

Thinking beyond Democracy and Freedom: A Post 9/11 War on Terrorism Scenario
by Rana Eijaz Ahmad and Muhammad Sajid

Can and "should" Qualitative Research Be Value-Free? Understanding the Epistemological Tussle between Positivists and Interpretivists
by Dr. Dayyab Gillani

Foucauldian Panopticon: A Model for U.S. Cyber Surveillance
by Nida Sheikh and Dr. Muhammad Usman Askari
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