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  Journal of Political Studies
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Vol. 20, Issue-1, Summer - 2013
India’s Afghan Journey: Where from here?
by Attar Rabbani

Nuclear Security Dilemma of Pakistan
by Iram Khalid

Reconceptualising Domestic Violence as ‘Domestic Torture’
by Shazia Qureshi

War on Terror Partnership: Problems and Prospects for Pakistan
by Umbreen Javaid & Zulfiqar Ali

Understanding Terrorism and the Ways to Root Out: Perceptions and Realities
by Muhammad Saleem Mazhar, Samee Uzair Khan, Naheed S. Goraya

Parliament in Pakistan 1971-77 and Chief Executive: An Analysis of Institutional Autonomy
by Mahboob Hussain

Ethnicity and Conflict: A Theoretical Perspective
by Gulshan Majeed

Impact of New Media on Dynamics of Pakistan Politics
by Abida Eijaz

Areas of Engagement and Security Threats between India and Pakistan
by Mubeen Adnan

President Vs Congress in US Foreign Policy Cooperation or Confrontation
by Zahid Ali Khan, Munawar Sabir

A Voice from the Margins: An Appraisal of Ubaid-Allah Sindhi’s Mahabharat Sarvrajia Party and its Constitution
by Tanvir Anjum

The Significance of the Different Names Applied by Historians to the Events of 1857
by Syed Hussain Shaheed Soherwordi
Governance System of Pakistan: Continuation of Colonial Policies
by Aamir Saeed

Studying Political Elite in Pakistan: Power Relations in Research
by Tahira Jabeen

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