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  Journal of Political Studies
  Published by: Department of Political Science
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Frequency: Bi-Annual  

Vol. 23, No. 1, 2016

The ‘Islamic State’ and its Implications for the World Peace
by Nazir Hussain

Politics of Islamic Shariah in the Contemporary Muslim World
by A.Z. Hilali

Role of Ideology in Foreign Policy: A Case Study of Iran
by Umbreen Javaid, Uzma Naz, Muhammad Arshad Watoo and Azhar Rashid

European Union as a New Actor in Central Asia: Its Interests and Challenges
by Mubeen Adnan & Bushra Fatima

Expansion of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Harbinger of Regional Peace and Prosperity
by Muhammad Ihsan Qadir and Saif ur Rehman

The Civilizational Rift and the Idea of the Turkish Model: A Case Study (2002-2014
by Fatima Sajjad and Umbreen Javaid

Blockade on Gaza Strip: A Living Hell on Earth
by Khalid Manzoor Butt and Anam Abid Butt

Effects of Socio-Economic and Political Factors on the Crime Rate in Pakistan
by Nabila Asghar, Shazia Qureshi and Muhammad Nadeem

Natural Catastrophes and Role of Pakistani Mass Media
by Lubna Zaheer

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: News Discourse Analysis of Indian Print Media
by Ijaz Khan, Shamaila Farooq and Saima Gul

South Asian Nuclear Security or Deterrence: An Analysis
by Muhammad Saleem Mazhar and Naheed S. Goraya

Herman and Chomsky’s Propaganda Model: Its Application on Electronic Media and Journalists in Pakistan
by Syed Irfan Ashraf, Syed Hussain Shaheed Soherwordi & Tabassum Javed

Regional Identities in Quest of Separate Provinces: A New Challenge for the Pakistani Federation
by Muhammad Mushtaq*

The Metalinguistic Dilemma of Freedom of Expression: Its Limits
by Maria Isabel Maldonado*

Evaluating Rehabilitation Process in FATA: Challenges and Prospects
by Umbreen Javaid*

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