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  Journal of Political Studies
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Vol. 24, No. 2, 2017

China’s Role and the Potential of Pak-China Cooperation in Regional Organizations
by Manzoor Khan Afridi and Mansoor Akbar Kundi

Dynamics of India’s Contemporary Domestic Security Challenges
by A.Z. Hilali*

The Recent Electoral Reforms in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA): An Appraisal
by Altaf Ullah and Syed Umar Hayat

Peshawar School Massacre, Pakistan: A Qualitative Account of Citizens’ Perceptions
by Fatima Asim and Muhammad Bilal

The Role of Political Development in the Development and Expansion of National Security
by Sarvgolo Taghipour and Ali Mohammad Haghighi

Can Pakistan replicate the Sri Lankan Counterinsurgency Model used successfully against the Tamil Tigers in its own against insurgents?
by Sarmad Ishfaq

Augmenting the Conflict in Swat: Loopholes in Legal Governance
by Zahid Anwar and Waqar Ahmad

Political Discourse & US Strategic Narrative in Zeb-un-Nissa Hamidullah’s Sixty Days in America
by Shafaat Yar Khan and Amra Raza

Role of Military in Politics and Federal Dilemma in Pakistan: 1999-2008
by Sadia Mahmood Falki

Reporting Sectarian Incidents: Examining the escalatory and de-escalatory discourses in the Pakistan News Media
by Mohammad Zubair Iqbal and Shabir Hussain*

US Withdrawal from Afghanistan: Implications for Pakistan
by Sidra Rehman Mughal and Nazir Hussain*

Coordinated Border Management (CBM); A Quantum Approach to Resolve Bilateral Conflicts between Pakistan and Afghanistan
by Sehrish Qayyum and Umbreen Javaid

Living on the frontlines: Perspective from Poonch and Kotli region of AJK
by Shaheen Akhtar*

Shift of Power from West to East and Rise of China
by Mushtaq Ahmed Abbasi, Ghulam Qumber & Ahmed Saeed Minhas*

Syria: History, The Civil War and Peace Prospects
by Hafeez Ullah Khan and Waseem Khan*

Economic Cooperation Organization: A Historical Perspective
by Muhammad Iqbal Chawla*

Emergence of Separatist Movement in East Pakistan: Impact of Jinnah’s Leadership
by Rizwan Ullah Kokab and Mahboob Hussain*

Child militancy in Pakistan: A Human Security Challenge
by Shabana Fayyaz*

Portrayal of Pak-US Relations Issues in Elite American Press: A comparative study of Editorial Treatment of Washington post & New York Times (Duration 2008-2012)
by Shehla Jabeen and Abdul Wajid Khan*

Discourses on Islam and Muslims in Australia
by Muhammad Junaid Ghauri, Zahid Yousaf and Zafar Iqbal*

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