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  Journal of Political Studies
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Vol. 27, No. 1,(Summer 2020)

Local Democracy as an Instrument for Socio-Political Change: The Case of Turkey
by Saifullah Khan
Indo-Pak Kashmir Conflict: Chinese Media Framing and Evolving Perspective
by Amrah Malik
Internal Challenges for Rising China Lessons for Pakistan
by Prof. Dr. Iram Khalid
Federal Iraq and Unitary Afghanistan: A comparative analysis of plural societies1
by Dr. Dayyab Gillani
Mapping success and failure: A comparative case study of South Asian separatist movements using lenses of contentious politics
by Muhammad Sajid
Strategy of Loyalism: A Case Study of Syed Ahmad Khan's Relations with the British
by Farooq Ahmad Dar
Strategic Significance of CPEC: A Game Changer for Pakistan
by Malik Khurram Shahzad and Prof. Dr. Umbreen Javaid
Impact of High and Growing Public Debt on Economic Growth in SAARC Countries: An Econometric Analysis
by Muhammad Reehan Hameed and Muhammad Abdul Quddus
Formal and Multiple Autonomies in State-Owned Enterprises in Pakistan: An Analysis of Formal and Actual Status
by Muhammad Zeeshan Hanif, Ayesha Hanif, Ghalib Ata & Kashif Rathore
Perspectives on Afghan Refugee identity in Pakistan
by Muhammad Najam ud din Farani
Portrayal of Developed and Under Developed Countries in Tweets of International News Agencies (2010-2016)
by Muhammad Usman Saeed, Mian Hanan Ahmad & Noshina Saleem
South China Sea Dispute: China's Role and Proposed Solutions
by Dr. Mubeen Adnan & Fakhara Shahid
Pakistan People's Party and Foreign Policy Priorities: (2008-2013): An Analysis
by Riffat Mahmood & Dr. Rehana Saeed Hashmi
Special Economic Zones in Pakistan: Analysis of Trends from Global Perspective
by Inayat Kalim PhD, Ishtiaq Ahmad Choudhry PhD & Adam Saud PhD
Hegel's Concept of State
by Mansoor Akbar Kundi & Safia Bano
Political Awareness in Educational Policies of Pakistan: A Historical Review
by Dr. Muhammad Muzaffar, Dr. Bashir Hussain, Dr. Muhammad Arshad Javaid, Dr. Irfan Ullah Khan & Dr. Nazim Rahim
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