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  Journal of Political Studies
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Frequency: Bi-Annual  

Vol. 27, No. 2,(Summer 2020)

An Analysis of European Union Policy towards Syrian Refugees
by Ameer Ayaz, Dr. Abdul Wadood
Sino-US Kashmir Policy: Analyzing The Bilateral Approach
by Dr Sumeera Imran, Prof. Dr. Lubna Abid Ali
Waters War on the Cards: Unflinching Rivalry between India & Pakistan shapes New Phase of Enmity
by Muhammad Bilal Shafique
Transformation of Leadership Styles in Pakistan due to CPEC
by Mr. Hassan Daud Butt
U.S. War in Afghanistan: From Intervention to Counterinsurgency
by Dr. Shahid Ahmed Afridi, Marium Fatima
Satire Shows Portrayed by Television and Political Education
by Dr. Umair Nadeem, Hafiz Ejaz Bashir, Shahzad Husain
Philosopher King VS. Loafer King: A Critical Appraisal of Pakistan in Post 2013 General Elections to Date
by Rana Eijaz Ahmad
Influence of Print and Electronic Media on Youth Voting Behaviour in Pakistan
by Janat Javed Muhammad Sajid
India's Role in Afghan Peace Process
by Dr. Ghulam Mustafa, Aamir Junaid, Rana Basam Khan, Imran Wakil
Role of Social Media in Political Campaigns in Pakistan: A Case Study of 2018 Elections
by Muhammad Muzaffar, Zahid Yaseen, Shamsa Safdar
Role of Educational Institutions in Countering Extremist Narratives in Pakistan
by Sadia Nasir
India and Pakistan Strategic Influence in Afghanistan: Pros and Cons of Rivalry
by Muhammad Owais
State and Social Movements in Iran: Phases of Contentious Activism
by Dr. Sadia Rafique, Prof. Dr. Khalid Manzoor Butt
Democracy of Pakistan and Dilemma of Liberalism under Constant Struggle with Religious Nationalism and Politicized Institutions
by Dr. Fauzia Ghani
Religio-Cultural Homogeneity and National Interest in Solidarity
by Dr. Ammara Tabassum, Tahira Mumtaz & Salma Shaukat
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