Journal of Political Studies
  Journal of Political Studies
  Published by: Department of Political Science
  ISSN- (Print)1994-1080 E-ISSN (Online): 2308 -8338  
Frequency: Bi-Annual  

Vol. 30, No.1, (Summer 2023)
Pakistan's Role in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations: An Analysis
by Dr. Muhammad Imran, Dr. Ghulam Murtiza & Muhammad Sulyman Akbar
Impacts of Saudi-Israel Relations on the Middle East: An Analysis
by Dr. Zahid Yaseen, Dr. Muhammad Muzaffar & Kinza Tariq

Military Dominance in Post-Colonial States; A Case Study of Pakistan
by Javed Ali

Social and Historical Investigation of China's Ethnic Minorities: Based on Political Stability and National Unity
by Dr. Mei Jun & Bao Longyuan

Security Paradigm in the Age of Mass Surveillance
by Dr. Gulshan Majeed & Dr. Muhammad Naveed Sial

Afghanistan morass: An analysis of Pakistan’s security after NATO withdrawal
by Iqra Jathol & Dr. Zahid Yaseen

Democracy and the Politics of Ethnicity and Language in Pakistan During the Bhutto Regime: A Case Study of Balochistan
by Changiz Ahmed, Dr Mohammad Ali & Dr. Adnan Riaz

Causes and Effects of Water and Environmental Pollution: A Way Forward
by Dr. Tahira Mumtaz, Dr.Ammara Tariq Cheema & Rabia

Deciphering Pakistan Navy's Role in CPEC Security: A Comprehensive Security Approach
by Dr. Shabana Fayyaz & Nabeel Hussain

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Socio-Cultural and Political Implications for Pakistan Amid Covid-19 and the Way Forward
by Dr. Mubeen Adnan & Reema Murad

Tolerance on Trial: Unearthing the Determinants of Political Tolerance among Youth
by Shahzad Khaver Mushtaq, Zubair Hanif, Dr Asma Yunus & Linta Arqam

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