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  Journal of Political Studies
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Vol. 20, Issue-2,Winter - 2013
Conflict Prevention and the New Provincial Map of Pakistan: A Case Study of Hazara Province
by Moonis Ahmar

Indian Ocean: Global and Regional Strategies
by Iram Khalid

Relevance of Violence with Social Well Being of Working Adolescents in Pakistan
by Muhammad Ramzan, Muhammad Zakria Zakar, Shazia Qureshi, Zubair Ahmed Shah

An Analytical Study of Pakistan’s Policy Toward Afghanistan Before the Taliban’s Rise
by Umbreen Javaid & Qamar Fatima

Foreign Policy of Pakistan: Internal Challenges
by Muhammad Saleem Mazhar, Naheed S. Goraya

Pakistan and the Geopolitics of Supply Routes to Afghanistan
by Zahid Anwar

Globalization and its impact on Employment? Evidence from Pakistan
by Muhammad Zahir Faridi, Mumtaz Anwar Chaudhry

Police Order 2002: A Critique
by Umbreen Javaid, Mohammad Ramzan

Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline: Cost-Benefit Analysis
by Muhammad Munir, Muhammad Ahsan, Saman Zulfiqar

Pakistan’s Domestic constraints viz-a-viz India in Lahore Declaration 1999, Agra Summit 2001 and Peace Talks 2004
by Mubeen Adnan

An insight into the Philosophical Dynamics of Al-Qaeda
by Umbreen Javaid & Nighat Noureen

South Asian Security Compulsions: A Historical Analysis of India-Pakistan Relations
by Gulshan Majeed
The Muslims of India: Policies and Practices
by Tariq Hameed Bhatti

In the December - 2013 [Vol 20(2)] issue of this Journal, an article entitled “Relevance of Violence with Social well Being of Working Adolescents in Pakistan” was published. Nonetheless, the detailed contribution of the authors was inadvertently missed. It is to be noted that the said article was built upon the data collected for doctoral dissertation of the first author (Muhammad Ramzan) who conceptualized and organized the text of the paper. The second author (Muhammad Zakria Zakir) contributed to the research design and methodology related issues. The third author (Zubair Ahmad) worked for statistical analysis. The fourth author (Shazia Qureshi) contributed to health and human rights related issues discussed in the paper.


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