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  Journal of Political Studies
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Vol. I8, Issue-2, Winter - 2011
Afghanistan: Quest for Peace and Stability (Historical Context)
by Iram Khalid

The Role of Media in Creating Values of Nationalism in Pakistan
by Munawar Sabir

Emerging New Threats in International System: Limitations on State’s Capacity
by Muhammad Ijaz Latif, Rehman Afzal Khan

An Estranged Client and an Annoyed Patron: Shift in the Pakistan-US Relations during the ‘War on Terror’
by Syed Hussain Shaheed Soherwordi

Institution of Parliament in Pakistan: Evolution and Building Process (1947-1970)
by Mahboob Hussain

Seventh Wage Board Award: A Triangular Conflict between Government, Media Owners and Journalists in Pakistan
by Saqib Riaz

Religio-Political Movements in The Pashtun Belt-The Roshnites
by Zahid Shah

Good Governance and Police Administration in Pakistan
by Kaleem Imam

The Bush Doctrine of Pre emption and the US response after 9/11 attacks: Invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq
by Shahid Ali Khattak

FATA a Breeding Ground of Extremism in Pakistan
by Umbreen Javaid

Drone war against Pakistan: An analytical study
by Muhammad Saleem Mazhar, Naheed S. Goraya

India versus China: A review of the Aksai Chin Border-dispute
by Nadeem Shafiq

Political Legacy of the Muslims in India: An Overview
by Tariq Hameed Bhatti

The Role of Light Weapons in creating internal instability: Case study of Pakistan
by Muhammad Munir
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